11 Influencers Reveal Their Best Wedding Gift Ideas For New Couples

These women are regular trendsetters; it makes sense that they’d have great gift ideas, too. It’s never easy to come up with gift ideas, and engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding gifts are especially tough. How can you give someone who used to hold your hair back at frat parties something as basic as bedroom linens? Is it really enough to give your sibling a set of copper pots and pans? Does anyone really shell out $600 on a vacuum?

You should stick to the registry whenever you can — brides- and grooms-to-be spend a lot of time picking out the gifts they want, and it helps to get them something they’ll actually use. But plenty of people go off-registry for budget reasons or because they want to get their almost-married friends something more personal. Who better to get inspiration from than designers, entrepreneurs, and experts who deal in chic fashion, jewelry, and decor every day? Bookmark these gift ideas for the start of wedding season.


Nambé Salad Bowl

"If a couple doesn’t have a registry or if I'm attending a more casual event, I almost always give this Nambé salad bowl. Everybody needs a good salad bowl and this one is pretty chic. I’ve given this as a gift at least a dozen times by now." —Shan-Lyn Ma, co-founder and CEO of Zola, the wedding planning and registry company


Fleur Du Mal Lingerie

“I think the bridal shower is always a great opportunity to have a little fun and go off-registry. I particularly love to gift lingerie since the shower gift is really all about the bride. My absolute favorite brand is Fleur Du Mal — they have gorgeous, modern designs and their product is great quality. Most importantly, they offer a great range so you can opt for something sweeter or venture into something a bit naughtier.” —Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founder of BaubleBar


Thompson Street Studio Quilt

“Quilts have become my go-to wedding gifts. I didn’t see that coming necessarily, but I love that they have both an heirloom quality and a design one — there are so many cool quilt companies these days! I love, love the patchwork quality of the ones from Thompson Street Studio, and Louise Gray does a super-modern take. To me, they feel like the sort of thing a couple would love now… and have forever.” —Erica Cerulo, co-founder of Of a Kind


Wedding Worry Dolls

“I try to remember to bring these wedding worry dolls to every wedding we attend and slip them to the bride and groom at the welcome drinks or rehearsal dinner. You're supposed to sleep with them under your pillow the night before the big day so they can absorb all your stress and you can relax. Someone gave them to us at our rehearsal dinner and I was just so charmed — and I think they worked! It took us forever to track them down to carry them on the site, but I'm so glad we did. —Claire Mazur, co-founder of Of a Kind


Monogrammed Robes

“When a couple ties the knot, I love to give monogrammed robes — something personalized for the newlyweds to enjoy downtime in together.” —Mindy Weiss, founder of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants


Wine Tasting

“My go-to gift for any newly engaged or married couple is always something personal. I don’t want to buy them another slow cooker to add to the two they were already gifted. Instead, I’ll opt for a gift voucher for an experience, such as wine tasting, concert tickets to their favorite band, or a monetary contribution towards their honeymoon. This way the couple can spend time doing what’s most important, making memories together, rather than trying to find space for a million and one toasters.” —Emily Pettiford, co-founder of Bespoke Bride


Curated Gifts Boxes

“I’ve found myself using curated gift boxes for showers and weddings from places like Loved and Found. It’s full of ideas that I may or may not have thought of myself, and the packaging makes it feel special. I think the presentation makes gifting an experience for both parties.” —Lindsey Calla, creator of Calla In Motion


Away Suitcase Set

“To me, there's no better way to celebrate a couple who's about to embark on a lifetime of adventures together than with a set of luggage for all their future trips. Away suitcases are perfect because they're available in a range of different sizes and colors, so you can mix and match a custom set for the new couple — you can even monogram their new initials to add a personal touch! I also love to gift our personal items, like The Everywhere Bag, and I'll fill the bag with travel products just for them, like monogrammed luggage tags or matching robes for the honeymoon!” —Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away


Cooking Classes

“I love giving experiences. My personal favorite is cooking classes or a food tour. What’s not to love about food! Haven’s Kitchen has great classes and a full selection.” —Dolores Suarez, co-founder of Dekar Design


A Case Of Wine Futures

“I’ve given a case of wine futures from the year the couple was married. Sherry Lehmann can put together a case of futures that they can look forward to drinking on special occasions in the future.” —Caroline Grant, co-founder of Dekar Design


Monogrammed Cufflinks Or Diamond-Stud Earrings

11. “I think monogrammed or initial cufflinks are a great wedding gift for the groom — they never go out of style and will always be his ‘go-to pair.’ A diamond pendant or diamond-stud earrings are always great for the bride. They’re the foundation for any jewelry wardrobe, like a favorite pair of jeans. And I love giving scented candles from the Harlem Candle line. The Josephine and Ellington are true ambience changers.” —Sheryl Jones, owner of Sheryl Jones Jewels