11 Deals & Freebies For International Cat Day This Year

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If you're a cat lover, the one holiday that solely celebrates the mere existence of cats is probably the holiday that you (and your cat) most look forward to each year. For everyone else who isn't living their life cat-forward or on the holiday calendar ball, August 8, 2018 is International Cat Day. To celebrate, you'll want to know all about the International Cat Day 2018 deals and freebies, because what better way to show your cat you love them than by some majorly discounted treats and toys?

The holiday was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to celebrate the world's number one pet. Global statistics show that there are currently more cats homed in the world, than dogs. Keep in mind that these statistics show an international average, as in the U.S. dogs are in the number one pet spot. But whether you're a cat person, a dog person, or a just a sale person, you're going to want to check out these one day only deals because why miss an opportunity to save? Here I've rounded up some local and national International Cat Day deals that you'll want to take full advantage of ASAP!

Paw Pleasers

If you're in the San Diego, CA area, you'll want to get your paws on this mega cat toy deal. The buy three, get one free sale only runs on International Cat Day.

Huggy Litter Mat

If you're in the market for a new cat litter mat, you'll want to cash in on this 50 percent off deal with the Huggy Team. Just share the post and message the count to receive a discount code to use at checkout.

Portage APL

The Portage animal league in Ravenna, OH is offering 50 percent off cat adoption fees. So if you're in the market to get a cat, International Cat Day is definitely the day to do it!

Silk N Sleek Hair Extensions

We're not exactly sure why this artificial hair extension company is giving away discount codes for International Cat Day, but we are not complaining! Share your cat photos with the company's Twitter account and get a discount code to use at checkout.

Basepaws CatKit

The company that creates cat health and ancestry kits is giving away $20 discounts on International Cat Day. All you have to do is click the blog link and find the hidden coupon code.

Halo Cat Food

Halo Holistic Natural Cat Food will be giving out free cans of food to people participating in the coupon code giveaway, but that's not all. For each can that they give away to a pet parent, they will donate another can to a participating pet shelter.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
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For one day only the airport will have ten cats available for pre or post flight cuddling. This airport typically has therapy dogs on-sight, but for International Cat Day, they're bringing out the kitties.

Clean Litter Club

This cat toy subscription service sends you 20 different interactive toys and today only it's 30 percent off!

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This high-tech self-cleaning litter box by PetSafe ScoopFree is on sale today for $20 off its original price.

Catnip Toys

This MR-BABULA fish themed catnip toy set is on sale for 30 percent off the original price for today only.

Animal Jewelry

Creature Creations, an animal themed jewelry company that makes custom pieces is offering a 10 percent discount, today only.