11 Items For Sale Now That Look Like Your Fave '00s Mall Purchases

Do you remember the joy you used to get out of back to school shopping in the days of your youth? Well, as nostalgia continues to reign supreme, it's actually pretty easy to relive those days — because there are actually tons of things for sale now that are just like your favorite mall purchases from the 2000s. Whether it means that particular '00s take on athleisure wear (hello, tracksuits), or that heavy reliance on all things sparkly (from glitter to rhinestones galore), it's a lot of fun to see the trends recycling themselves.

What were your favorite trends back in the day? Were you the type that tried (unsuccessfully) to convince you to buy you a rhinestone and glitter-laden Juicy hoodie for your birthday? Did you worship at the altar of Steve Madden? Slick on a coat of super glittery pink lip gloss every morning? At any rate, a fair number of those '00s trends are already back in earnest, a little over a decade after they made their first rounds.

So, are you ready to check out some surprisingly trendy 2017 versions of your favorite early 2000s mall buys? Read on to get your daily dose of nostalgic shopping.

1. This Sporty Crop Top

Crop Top, $48, ASOS

Um, Gwen Stefani called. She wants her shirt back.

2. These Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clip 6-Pack, $10, Free People

Honestly, it's about time for this trend to make a real comeback.

3. This Velour Hoodie

Juicy Couture Hoodie, $109, Urban Outfitters

It's like you're looking through a time machine.

4. These Platform Mules

Platform Sandal, $70, Nordstrom

Isn't it amazing that our collective nostalgia actually brought the iconic Steve Madden Slinky Slides back to life?

5. This Iridescent Pink Lip Gloss

Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss, $22, Sephora

Looks like your sparkly pale pink Juicy Tube just got a 2017 makeover.

6. This Denim Top

Gunner Top, $148, Reformation

Come on, it's practically a dead ringer for the top half of that ridiculous all denim outfit Britney Spears wore to the VMAs.

7. This Glittery Pink Phone Case

Electric 6/7 Case, $24, Nordstrom

Back then, it was all about pink Swarovski crystals. These days, they've gone mostly out of style, but some chunky pink glitter gives you a similar effect.

8. This Mini Backpack

Small Backpack, $104, Urban Outfitters

Come on, we all know those Kipling monkeys were the ultimate accessory back in the day.

9. This Sanrio Hat

Little Twin Stars Hat, $30, NYLON

Remember the Little Twin Stars? Such an adorable throwback.

10. This Track Jacket

Track Jacket, $70, Urban Outfitters

Man, it's funny to see how jacket like this could be so popular in not one, but two separate decades.

11. These Choker Necklaces

Charm Choker Necklace, $5, ASOS

Chokers: They made their way through the '90s and early '00s, and now it looks like they're here to stay.

It all takes you right back to the mall in the summer before 7th grade, doesn't it?