11 'Jane The Virgin' Michael Reddit Theories, Because That Season 4 Reveal Was A Lot

Jesse Giddings/The CW

In case audiences somehow forgot what happened at the end of last season, Michael is alive on Jane the Virgin. In some ways, it should have been expected, since, as the Narrator tells viewers seemingly every episode, it is a telenovela. But it was still nevertheless shocking when Jane went over to Rafael's, expecting a marriage proposal and instead getting the surprise of her life. And while it remains to be seen how everything will play out in the March 27 premiere of the show's fifth and final season, here are 11 Michael Reddit theories about how this whole thing will play out.

In addition to Jane the Virgin's shocking Michael reintroduction at the end of Season 4, other storylines are still in effect. Time had moved on since his untimely heart attack four years ago. Alba passed her citizenship test, and not only did Xiomara and Rogelio get married, but Jane's mom is currently battling cancer, which was brutal to watch play out onscreen. Rafael and Jane are in a good place (well, pre-Michael, that is) right now and had even planned to move in together. So it remains to be seen what will happen between them with this new revelation. After all, Jane and Michael are still technically married. Here are 11 theories as to what went down.