11 Life Skills You Should Have Before Getting Into A Relationship

It's exciting when you meet someone you want to date, but in order for the relationship to be successful, you want to make sure you've done the proper work on yourself first. There a number of life skills that will let you know if you're ready for a relationship because they will not only make life easier for yourself, but will help strengthen any relationship you may develop. According to experts, having these skills can help increase the chances of a relationship working out long-term. And even if you haven't perfected all of them by the time you commit to someone, it's good to start developing them before you enter a relationship.

"You need to come into a relationship having some things figured out if you want a healthy and successful relationship," psychotherapist and relationship expert Avery Neal, M.A., LPC tells Bustle. "You don’t want to be looking to the other person to save you or to make you whole. Over time this doesn’t work well and it only fosters codependency. Ideally you want to have a pretty strong sense of self, an idea of what you are willing to give in your relationship and what you know you need to receive in return."

Here are 11 life skills experts say you should try to have before getting into a relationship.