11 Literary Office Accessories To Brighten Up Your Workspace

Kate Spade; Out of Print

Every office space needs a little something to cheer it up. Whether you work in an office or you work from home, there are plenty of ways you can give you workspace an extra literary flair. All it takes is one or two choice pieces of bookish decor, and that cubicle of yours will feel like your own special place. No matter how large your workspace is, you can certainly give it a bookish make-over that will make your co-workers jealous.

Look, you and I both know that if there's one thing book-lovers love, it's declaring to the world that they love books. So, that's how I know that you've been on the hunt for a way to bring your love of literature to your work area.

By the way, are there any writers in the house? You definitely need to have a lovely, dedicated place to get your writing done. Perhaps a few bookish touches to your workspace will help inspire you to crank out that novel of your own. Who knows, maybe one day somebody will be making art prints and knick-knacks inspired by your writing!

So, check out these cute pieces of literary decor that are perfect for any office or workspace.

1. Bibliophile Vase

Bibliophile Vase: A Compendium of Flowers


Chronicle Books

If you love to keep flowers on your desk, this gorgeous vase will add a little literary flare to your next bouquet!

2. "I Will Write My Story For My Better Self" Art Print

"I Will Write My Story For My Better Self" Print


Obvious State

This gorgeous 11x14 inch print, featuring a quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "Aurora Leigh," is not only a classy addition to any workspace, but also a great motivator to keep writing.

3. Typewriter Paper

Typewriter Paper


Chronicle Books

This cute little typewriter-shaped box will dispense notepaper for you in style. Not only will it look hella cute on your desk, but every note you write will have an extra literary zeal to it.

4. Harry Potter Canisters

HARRY POTTER™ Canisters, Set of 3



Store all your pencils, paper clips, and office supplies in these Harry Potter-themed canisters that will add a touch of magic to your space.

5. Composition Book S'well Bottle

Composition Book S'well Bottle


Out of Print

You can't get through the work day without staying hydrated, and this writerly water bottle will be all the talk at the water cooler. Every writer is sure to recognize this classic composition book style!

6. Café Au Library Candle

Café Au Library Candle


Hearth & Hammer

You can make any office cozy with a little candle. Channel your inner Rory Gilmore and fill your workspace with that glorious smell of a library waiting to be read.

7. Wit & Delight Concrete Pencil Holder

Wit & Delight Concrete Pencil Holder



These chic pencil holders double as bookends, which means you can have a space on your desk to display some of your favorite reads. These are a great way to utilize your desk space!

8. Bibliophile Notes

Bibliophile Notes


Chronicle Books

Take care of all your correspondence with these notecards in the style of 20 different books, ranging from classics to cookbooks. Or you could even display a few in a frame or pinned to your bulletin board.

9. Emily Dickinson Tarot Deck

Emily Dickinson Tarot Deck



Need some creative inspiration? This Emily Dickinson tarot deck will channel the poet into your work

10. Stack of Classics Notebook

Stack of Classics Notebook


Kate Spade

Obviously you need a cute, bookish notebook to add to your office supplies. Jot down ideas, take notes, make doodles — do it all in this lovely journal.

11. Script Letter Board

Script Letter Board


Urban Outfitters

Use this letter board to add your favorite literary quote to your workspace. This is a great way to make this space feel uniquely yours and keep yourself inspired throughout the day.