11 Magical Objects From Harry Potter That Need To Exist IRL

Warner Bros. Pictures

Every Harry Potter fan has dreamt of a giant knocking down their door and sweeping them away to Hogwarts. (And of course, every Harry Potter fan secretly believes the owl with their Hogwarts letter just got lost on their way to our house.) But even if you never get whisked away to the wizarding world, wouldn't it be great if just a few of the magical items from Harry Potter could exist in this world?

The magic of Harry Potter doesn't just come from wands. The wizarding world is filled with many wonderful magical objects that would just make life so much easier. Think of that scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when Harry first enters Diagon Alley and is blown away by all how many magical items exist in that world. Can't you just picture yourself going on a shopping spree? There are so many things that I would love to have, even in my Muggle life.

These magical objects from the series would be so perfect IRL. From practical objects, to things that would be just plain fun (and make Fred and George proud), any one of these would make our lives in the boring real world so much better.

1Extendable Ears


As an eavesdropping expert, I would kill to have a set of extendable ears.

2Invisibility Cloaks


Of course, The Golden Trio used this to get into all sorts of magical mischief. But it would also be great for everyday things, like hiding from people you don't want to see or sneaking into concerts.

3Flying Broomsticks


I would kill to ride one of these.

4Floo Powder


How convenient would it be to travel wherever you wanted on a whim?

5Time Turners


There is never enough time in the day, am I right? Plus, even if it were complicated, it would be so nice to be able to go back and fix past mistakes.

6Dumbledore's Deluminator


I would exclusively use this to turn out the light in my living room without having to get off the couch.

7Skiving Snackboxes


See you never, math class.



OK, it sucks to receive a Howler — but wouldn't it be awesome to send one to someone you're angry with? (Maybe your ex-boyfriend?)

9The Marauder's Map


This one isn't super practical, but it would be wonderful for adventures with friends.

10Magical Homework Planner


Harry and Ron hate this gift from Hermione, but as an organization fiend, I would love it.

11Mrs. Weasley's Magical Clock


It would be so handy to know where your family was at any given time — especially if they're anything like mine and never answer their phone.