Mardi Gras DIY Projects To Celebrate The Day


Every holiday deserves some sort of crafty celebration. And now that it is time to wrap up Carnival season, Mardi Gras DIY projects are probably on your radar. Think feathers, glitter, and lots of confetti. (Basically, a whole lot of fun.) Top it off with a vibrant colors and head-turning masks, and you have got yourself an awesome party.

Since we all cannot hop on a plane to New Orleans, making Mardi Gras projects is the next best thing. This can also include tasty recipes and super fun wearables. It gives you the perfect excuse to wear outrageous costumes, or at least some Mardi Gras beads. Together, all of these things make for a colorful gram-worthy celebration. (Don’t forget the hashtags, too.) It might not be NOLA, but it sure is close.

Thanks to these Mardi Gras party ideas, you can throw a mini party at home or work. Or, maybe you can just take it outside and enjoy the sun. And since these all these ideas are handmade, you can give yourself a pat on the back when you are done. Think of it as practice for future holidays; it's only February, after all.

Until then, flex your crafty side with these 11 Mardi Gras DIY tutorials.


Glitter DIY Feathers

Darice Crafts

Glitter and feathers come together in this basic DIY project at Darice Crafts. These feathers can be used to make a garland, mask, or tabletop centerpiece. You can even just sprinkle them around like confetti.


Mardi Gras Coaster Set

Rust and Sunshine

Instantly spruce up your table with these Mardi Gras coasters by Rust and Sunshine. This would make for a great party activity, too.


DIY Mardi Gras Decorations

A Little Craft In Your Day

Of course, you can't forget about the walls. Whip up this colorful tassel garland with some help from A Little Craft In Your Day.


Mardi Gras Masquerade Sugar Cookies


How charming are these sugar cookies? They're almost to cute to eat. Learn how to make them with Bake.Love.Give.


Green Bauble Hoops

Brit + Co

What's a Mardi Gras celebration without some fun wearables? Brit + Co explains how to make a seriously rad pair of statement hoop earrings.


DIY Mardi Gras Mask

Brit + Co

Blingy face masks are a must for Mardi Gras. Head to Brit + Co to learn how to make this beautiful version.


Glitter Sunglasses

A Beautiful Mess

Get the most out of your Mardi Gras crafting by making these glitter sunglasses. You'll be able to wear them all year round. Find the project at A Beautiful Mess.


Feather Showgirl Headdress

Now That's Pretty

Want to go all out? Make this amazing feather crown headdress with Now That's Pretty. You'll never get lost in the crowd.


Crocheted DIY Masquerade Mask

Darice Crafts

If you know how to crochet, make this unique masquerade mask by Darice Crafts. It's a super cool way to give the typical mask a new spin.


DIY Mardi Gras Mask

Mom Dot

For a simpler version, turn to Mom Dot. This Mardi Gras mask calls for basic supplies and just 30 minutes.


Mardi Gras Slime

Mom Dot

Yes, you read that right. Mom Dot figured out how to make DIY Mardi Gras-themed slime. Make it for the kids or yourself... no judgement here.