11 Medical Thriller Movies To Stream When You're Done Freaking Out Over 'Brain On Fire'


Movie and TV viewers live for the thrill of a medical mystery. We love nothing more than a freak diagnosis, surgical nightmare, or random epidemic seen on Grey's Anatomy, for instance, even though we'd never want to encounter one in real life. Perhaps it's a way of skirting the edges of danger without feeling its powerful grip personally, or maybe by exposing ourselves to a hospital room horror, the worst case scenario becomes more manageable shall that day ever come in our own lives. Recently, Netflix released Brain on Fire, a film based on the true story of a woman diagnosed with a rare condition after a long journey from symptoms-to-diagnosis. If you were compelled all throughout Brain on Fire, here are 11 medical thriller movies to stream next.

Watching these films will let you indulge in your fascination and horror over shady mental institutions, strange side effects, and enough community-killing epidemics to keep conspiracy sites in business for a very long time. Whether you're a masochist cycling through every doomsday film imaginable (hey, no judgment) or just an overly cautious cinephile hungry for all of the proper information before freaking out, there's a film on this list perfect to stoke your senses after Brain on Fire.