These Mesmerizing Optical Illusion Makeup Tutorials Are Perfect For Halloween

When I think of intricate makeup tutorials on YouTube, images of perfectly blended smokey eyes or precise ombré lipstick come to mind. When I think of optical illusion makeup tutorials on YouTube, though, it's a whole other game entirely. Optical illusion makeup is breathtaking, but not necessarily because it's beautiful (although sometimes it's that, too). It's amazing because it's spooky. When something looks so real, but is only created with makeup in reality, it's pretty freaky. All this is to say, optical illusion makeup tutorials are perfect for the creepiest season of the year: Halloween.

Like most things in beauty these days, there's an optical illusion tutorial for every level of skill. Whether you want to take on a more simple illusion or make your head look like it's upside down with makeup (yes, it's possible), there's a YouTube tutorial for everyone. Halloween can feel stressful with the pressure to create the perfect outfit or makeup look, but the benefit of optical illusion makeup that it's usually enough on its own. There's no huge need to go for over-the-top hair or makeup when your makeup is the focus of the look. While optical illusion makeup takes a good deal of patience and at least some level of artistic skill, it's worth experimenting with this Halloween — if for no other reason than it'll really freak out your friends.


Mask Illusion

Ready to really freak out your friends, but not interested in anything gory? This mask illusion tutorial is your new best friend.


Eye Illusion

If you can look at this tutorial for more than a minute or two without your head spinning, this is the video for you. And it is seriously trippy.


Spider Illusion

Do spiders really creep you out? Then this probably isn't for you. But if you can stand arachnids, try this spidey tutorial.


Pulled Skin Illusion

Now this one is very spooky, and comes from NikkieTutorials, one of the best in the business. It's definitely not for beginners, but has a major impact.


Melting Face Illusion

This is another advanced illusion makeup look, but it is impressive.


Sliced Face Illusion

Does this make you want to scream? Same. In any case, this illusion is seriously creepy and perfect for any serious Halloween party.


Face Burst Tutorial

When I say I am screaming at this, I mean I am screaming.


Puzzle Piece Tutorial

If you're not into making over your entire face, this tutorial allows you to just use makeup on a tiny piece of it (no pun intended).


Russian Doll Head Illusion

If you're ready to be scarred for life, look at this final look for a long, long time. If you're ready to scar everyone around you for life, then your ideal tutorial has arrived.


Jekyll & Hyde Illusion

If you're trying to decide between two looks, then this tutorial is for you. You can be both a super creepy creature and, well, yourself. Ideal.


Glitter Galaxy Illusion

And, finally, a glitter-based tutorial, because why not? If you're not into the slightly more gory pulled-face look, try this one. And good luck removing all that glitter in advance.


Whether you're a seasoned makeup artist or a beginner, an optical illusion tutorial is perfect for any Halloween party. Or if you just want to scare your friends and family.