11 Rom-Coms To Get You Through A Breakup

by Danielle Jackson

Breaking up is hard to do. (That’s what they say, right?) But what’s even harder than a breakup itself is dealing with the aftermath. You know, the pain of knowing that a certain chapter in your life is over, or the feelings of uncertainty that come with not exactly being sure if said chapter is over for good or just for right now. We all have our ways of getting through breakups — some people take up new hobbies, some people look to close friends for help, and some people turn to movie marathons. To the latter group, I say there are tons of movies to help you get through your breakup, and you should probably start watching them, like, now.

Movies are like the perfect medicine, or pick-me-up, in this case. Watching the events of another person's life play out on-screen is enough to provide a bit of an escape from everyday life, heartbreaks and all. They're there for you when you need a laugh and a bit of comic relief. From romantic comedies to dramas to the sweetest stories of friendship, here's a list of films that will never fail you when it comes to getting over a breakup.


'The Break-Up'

What’s a better way to get over a breakup than watching a film about an actual breakup that’ll even provide you with a little comic relief? The Break-Up stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston as two exes who refuse to move out of the apartment they share. Their attempt at co-existing over the next few weeks is filled with side-splitting antics that’ll likely make you forget about your recent heartbreak.


'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Peter (Jason Segel) ends a five-year relationship with Sarah (Kristen Bell) and immediately takes a trip to Hawaii. But life in paradise takes a turn for the awkward when he runs into his ex with her new boyfriend (Russell Brand). Yikes.


'Legally Blonde'

Sometimes a breakup (followed by a little bit of self-discovery) can turn you into a better person. Case in point, Legally Blonde’s own Elle Woods, who goes to Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend to prove her worth to him. She ends up becoming a badass lawyer and leaving him behind instead.


'High Fidelity'

What John Cusack film won’t help you get through a breakup? In High Fidelity, Cusack plays Rob, a record store owner who, after recently being dumped by his girlfriend, goes back through all of his past relationships in an attempt to find out what went wrong every time. It’s a wild ride that’ll remind you that relationships are literally the worst sometimes.


'John Tucker Must Die'

The only thing worse than breaking up with a guy is finding out that your ex-beau wasn’t exclusively dating you in the first place. That’s what happened to this crew of high school girls when they all found out that they were all dating the same guy, John Tucker. You could probably guess what happens next but, in case you can’t, just know that John Tucker Must Die only proves that revenge is sweet — but it's not as sweet as friendship.


'How Stella Got Her Groove Back'

When a breakup gets you down, you have to bounce back eventually. You get a few bonus points if that bounce back includes a vacation on a tropical island and a much hotter, much younger new fling.


'Under The Tuscan Sun'

Diane Lane stars in this 2003 film about a woman who takes a trip to Tuscany after her husband leaves her for another woman. It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery, and the fact that it’s set in the stunning town of Cortona isn’t such a bad thing either.


'Waiting to Exhale'

I definitely wouldn’t recommend setting your ex’s car on fire, but I would 100 percent recommend watching Angela Bassett do it.


'Diary Of A Mad Black Woman'

The title of this Tyler Perry-directed film says it all. Sometimes you just have to let it all out, especially when life and marriage manage to screw you over. That’s what Kimberly Elise did when she starred as Helen in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. She plays a woman whose husband, following years of verbal abuse, leaves her for a younger woman. Before their divorce is finalized, Helen finds herself in the perfect position to seek revenge — but it's her realization of self-worth that makes her story beautiful.


'Sex & The City'

Every woman needs a group of friends like Carrie Bradshaw, who help her get through being left at the altar. Sure, she and Big ended up getting married eventually, but you have to admit that it was way more interesting to watch her go on her honeymoon with her three best friends than it would've been the other way around.


'Silver Linings Playbook'

Moving on and accepting the end of a relationship is difficult. What's equally difficult is watching a friend struggle to move on. Such is the case for Patrick (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) in Silver Linings Playbook. After being released from a mental facility, Patrick has high hopes of reconciling his marriage with his estranged ex-wife, who has since gotten a restraining order against him. But it's his developing relationship with Tiffany that ultimately helps him move on and accept that his marriage is a thing of the past.

A good romantic comedy is the best medicine, especially right after a breakup. Start watching these ASAP.