11 Multipurpose Makeup Products To Grab ASAP

by Summer Arlexis
Young business woman putting a lip gloss in the front seat of a car
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Product hoarders know the struggle of having a ton of makeup all too well. A massive beauty collection translates into major money spent, not to mention sifting through loads of product doesn't exactly make your beauty routine a breeze. Multipurpose beauty products are life savers when you want to get more bang for your hard-earned bucks and cut down on the space your stash takes up.

There's nothing wrong with having a vanity stocked with endless lipstick options and enough eyeshadows to last a lifetime. But having enough product to open your own mini Sephora isn't exactly practical when it comes to getting ready and out of the door faster. Simplifying your morning routine could be as easy as taking advantage of multitasking beauty products, whether you want to hit the snooze button a little more or lazy girl friendly makeup is right up your alley.

There may be hundreds of options on the market, but the reality is there are plenty of creams, sticks, and powders that can do the job of one holy grail product. Declutter your collection and nail your makeup in minutes when you add these 11 double-duty beauty products to your routine.

1. Urban Decay Naked Flushed

Naked Flushed in "Strip", $34, Sephora

This all-in-one complexion palette does it all. Sculpt, illuminate, and add a natural flush in one take with this highlight, contour, and blush trio.

2. Clarins 4-Colour All-In-One Pen

4-Colour All-In-One Pen, $30, Clarins

Complete with four retractable hues, the Clarins color pen includes shades for lining your waterline and perfecting a nude pout.

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Jumbo Eye Pencil, $5, NYX Cosmetics

Sweep the NYX jumbo pencils across your lids for vibrant eye looks or use them in your waterline for a simple pop of color — you can also experiment with using them on your lips, too.

4. Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil

Lip & Cheek Pencil in "Sin", $24, Sephora

Available in a range of neutral and blush pink hues, Nudestix pencils are prefect for matching cheek and lip combos. They even come with built-in sharpeners so you'll never have to worry about using a dull pencil.

5. IT Cosmetics Your Multi-Tasker Deluxe Travel Set

Your Multi-Tasker Deluxe Dual-Ended Travel Brush Set, $48, Ulta

Dual-ended brushes can help you fly through your beauty routine. A travel collection like IT Cosmetics' deluxe set makes on-the-go makeup easier than ever.

6. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colour Pencil

Cosmetic Colour Pencil in "Sybil", $16, OCC Makeup

Whether you use them as shadow, eyeliner, or lip liners, OCC Cosmetic Colour pencils do the work of three different makeup products.

7. Farsali Rose Gold Elixer

Rose Gold Elixer, $51, Farsali

Prime your face and nourish your lips with the Farsali Rose Gold Elixer. This luxe formula doubles as a moisturizer and a lip treatment.

8. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand

Mini Miracle "Shade 1" Eye Wand, $45, Charlotte Tilbury

Make the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand your go-to antidote for curing dull and exhausted under eyes. Combing skincare and makeup, this beauty gem is an eye cream on one end and an illuminator on the other.

9. Sephora Collection Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo

"Medium" Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo, $11, Sephora

No need for using a handful of creams and powders to sculpt and illuminate. All it takes is a contouring stick like Sephora's Highlight Lowlight Face Duo to carve out and accentuate your best features.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil

Highlighting Duo Pencil in "Shell/Lace", $23, Sephora

Take this highlighting duo pencil from the apples of your cheek to the inner corner of your eyes to the arch of your brows if you want to brighten your entire facade in one sweep.

11. Stila One Step Correct Triple Swirl Helix Primer

One Step Correct Triple Swirl Helix Primer, $36, Sephora

Stila's One Step Correcting Primer saves your complexion in an instant. Infused with tone correcting hues and a brightening serum, this primer makes your face a smooth, even canvas before makeup application.

It doesn't take a hoard of products to achieve a flawless look. With the right multitasking miracle workers in your cosmetic bag, you'll be ready to tackle your day with just a handful of products.

Images: RgStudio/E+/Getty Images; Courtesy of Brands