New England Patriots-Themed Super Bowl Drink Ideas

by Kiersten Hickman

If there’s one thing the New England Patriots have going for them, it’s this: Their team colors call for the easiest drinks in the history of the world. Why? Because basically every blogger has some type of red, white, and blue beverage combination from the numerous America-themed parties thrown throughout the year. Which, of course, makes planning all of the New England Patriots-themed Super Bowl drink ideas for your 2017 Super Bowl watch party (granted you are over 21, of course!) that much easier.

After a quick skim through some of my favorite blogs, I was able to find a variety of drink ideas for your upcoming Super Bowl party. Some of them have alcohol, but others are great mocktail options for those of you who would rather keep away from the hard stuff during your party. Plus, the last drink on the list is kind of a given when it comes to routing for the Patriots... and no, it doesn’t require any mixing effort in the slightest.

Now, if you’re a Falcons fan but still need some drink ideas, you could always try some of those cherry cocktail and soda drinks since they are a pure red color — or use a red food dye in that crazy lemon-lime slushy on the list.

So no matter what type of party you are throwing for the Super Bowl this year, these drinks will make the party even more festive.

Red, White, And Blue Patriotic Drink

This fizzy sweet drink by Mel’s Kitchen is easy to make with just cranberry juice, blue Gatorade, and Sprite.

Red, White, And Blue Mocktail

For those who want a non-alcoholic patriotic cocktail, try this mocktail by The Merrythought!

Red, White, And Blue Soda

Or you can give this soda a try by What’s Cooking Love.

Patriotic Punch

This non-alcoholic punch by Dessert Now Dinner Later has white grape juice, ginger ale, and a mix of different fruits.

Lemon-Lime Blue Slushy

This blue slushy by Baked by Rachel will take you back to the days where you ran to the gas station with your friends on a late weekend night. Easy to make at home with lemonade concentrate, blue food color, and lemon-lime soda.

Strawberry Gimlets With Homemade Strawberry Vodka

Feeling ambitious? Why not make your very own vodka and try this recipe by Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Cherry Lime Refresher

For those who would rather not have a blue tongue by the end of the game, try making these Cherry Lime refreshers by The Merrythought.

Cherry Italian Cream Sodas

Or you can make these cherry Italian cream sodas by Mom On Timeout.

Berry Champagne Punch

For those of you who can’t live without a bottle of champagne at any large gathering, this champagne punch by Mom on Timeout will for sure be a crowd pleaser!

Boston Whisky Sour

The home base for the Patriots is Massachusetts, so pay tribute to their home land by making some of these Whisky Sours by The Crepes of Wrath.

Samuel Adams Beer

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a pack of Sam Adams beer — another ode to the home of the Patriots.