11 Of The Best Christmas Jumpers To Invest In, Because Nothing Sleighs More Than A Festive Knit


December 14 marks the official Christmas Jumper Day. And while many love to look the other way every time this momentous occasion comes around, the day encourages you to buy a festive knit for a very good cause. With that in mind, here's a few of the best Christmas jumpers to purchase before the year is out.

Christmas Jumper Day is set up by children's charity Save The Children. Every person that decides to don their most festive look on the day is asked to give a £2 donation to the organisation. Your money will help improve children's lives around the world, including paying for vital medication, education, and other necessities.

Some of the following Christmas jumpers have actually been designed in partnership with the charity, meaning your money will go even further towards changing lives. If you're not a fan of those particular designs, then simply invest in another and donate what you can.

There's knits celebrating TV's most-loved icons from David Attenborough to Danny Dyer, jumpers that are designed to be worn by two, and styles that will ensure everyone in the office is looking at you.

So whether you're looking to send a specific message with your Christmas jumper or just want a chance to dress as daftly as possible, enjoy perusing through these truly magnificent options.

1Save The Planet

David Attenborough Christmas Jumper


Only 250 of these rather unique jumpers have been made. Each knit uses the legendary documentary-maker to emphasise the issue of climate change and was created using sustainable manufacturing methods. It's designed to be unisex and comes in a small, medium, large, or extra large size.

2The OTT Choice

Reindeer Christmas Jumper

Forever 21

A serious contender in the jazziest Christmas jumper competition, this Forever 21 number will seriously stand out among the crowd. Available in UK size S to L.

3One For The Film Buffs

Plus Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Muggle Jumper


Combine your love of 'Home Alone' and 'Harry Potter' with this witty knit. Don't ask me why it's on sale before Christmas, but take advantage of the discount before it's too late. Available in UK size 16 to 24.

4A Charitable Purchase

Joy Red Sweatshirt

Selfish Mother

Partnering with children's charity Save The Children once again, Selfish Mother's line of subtle Christmas jumpers have been supported by the likes of supermodel Kate Moss and actor Luke Evans. It's not the cheapest knit out there but 50 percent of the price will go straight to the organisation. Available in UK size XS to XXL.

5Celebrate True UK Royalty

Danny Dyer Christmas Jumper


Whether it's Danny or Dani, everyone loves the Dyer family. This handmade Christmas knit celebrates both British manufacturing and the unofficial king of Britain. What else could you ask for this festive season? Available in UK size S to XL.

6Double Trouble

Boohoo Santa & Elf Two Person Christmas Jumper


So impractical that you just won't be able to resist it. Whether you're looking for the perfect couple's outfit or just want to cosy up to your best friend, Boohoo's two-headed jumper won't disappoint. Comes in one size.

7Adults Only

Good Tonics We Bring Christmas Jumper

Not On The High Street

Gin fans will welcome this humorous rendition of the classic Christmas carol. It's the perfect antidote to the other sickly sweet jumpers on offer. Available in UK size XS to XXL.

8For The 'Game of Thrones' Crowd

Let It Snow Christmas Sweatshirt


The world may have to wait until 2019 for the final 'Game of Thrones' season, but you can show your love for the series way before then. And for those who still haven't caught up to the fact that Jon Snow isn't dead, tough luck. Available in UK size S to XXL.

9For The Canine Fanatics

Brave Soul Women's Puggy Christmas Jumper


No one really knows what pugs have to do with Christmas, but everyone loves dogs, right? Any Christmas jumper purchased on Amazon will see profits donated to Save The Children; an organisation fighting for children's rights across the globe. Available in UK size 8 to 14.

10Get Into The Festive Spirit

Dr. Seuss The Grinch Swipe Sequin Christmas Jumper


The Grinch has become a true symbol of Christmas. Though often miserable, he is a true reminder that Christmas spirit will infect us all in the end. Asda's jumper is a pretty affordable way to send that message loud and proud. Available in UK size S to XL.

11A Niche Taste

Sanfran Dashing Theroux The Snow Christmas Jumper


If David Attenborough isn't your thing, perhaps the country's other national treasure, Louis Theroux, is. This jumper comes in vibrant red, plain black and grey, and navy blue. Available in UK size S to XL.

Spreading festive cheer really has never been so easy.