11 Chunky Scarves That Prove Big Scarf Energy Is Here To Stay

by Lauren Sharkey
Originally Published: 
Chunky scarf
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A good scarf will never leave you. OK, physically, it probably will, but it'll always remain in your mind regardless. The cosy one that you just can't seem to replace, no matter how hard you try. Well, thanks to this season's penchant for oversized, super thick knits, you might be in luck. Here are the chunkiest scarves 2019 has to offer.

With temperatures dropping considerably in recent days, it's time to bulk up your outerwear. If you're prone to colds, don't leave home without a scarf. If you're always chilly, don't leave home without a scarf. And if you're nothing more than an accessory obsessive... You get the idea.

The following designs are all built to withstand even the most freezing of temperatures. Some use incredibly chunky fabrics to fend off the chill. Others come in ultra long lengths that can be wrapped around your neck more times than you'd care to count. And some are just plain massive.

So whether you're a fan of neon brights or pastel hues, into slogan statements or streetwear style, or just want something fluffy that doubles up as a blanket, there's definitely something for you. Good luck finding room for them in your wardrobe though.

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