11 Old-Fashioned Confidence And Mood Boosters We Should Bring Back

Everyone wants to feel confident and good about themselves, but sometimes we forget that this requires some effort. Modern advice would suggest taking a rockin' selfie or looking in the mirror and calling yourself a badass, but there are a number of old-fashioned mood and confidence boosters for every day that we can always look to when the present stuff just isn't working. Just because they have fallen by the wayside doesn't mean they don't work — and besides, the more confidence-boosting exercises we can participate in, the better we are likely to feel.

"From my experience, the reason old-fashioned confidence advice holds true is because it works," confidence expert and therapist Karol Ward, LCSW tells Bustle. "The basics of trusting yourself and having good body language, plus the ability to talk to others, are skills that are timeless. When something works, it tends to stand the test of time."

You may have tuned out all that advice your mom gave you when you were younger on how to shine, but it turns out, sometimes the generation before us really does know best. Here are 11 old-fashioned confidence and mood boosters experts say we should definitely bring back — because feeling good doesn't go out of style.