11 Online Shops For Beautiful Bookish Prints To Hang All Over Your Library

What's one thing that book lovers can't resist? Well, books, obviously. But beyond that we're all suckers for any sort of bookish merch, especially stuff that we can wear or decorate our homes with. And why can't we say no? It's for the same reason that we just cannot resist buying books (even when most of us should probably be trying to keep our home library in check)...we love to be surrounded by our favorite stories all the time, everywhere. There are so many innovative shops out there now, selling bookish candles, makeup, toiletries, t-shirts, handbags... you name it, someone who loves to read has probably made it.

But the classic bookish prints remain a perfect way for readers of all ages to keep their passion close. We can not only place them on our bookshelves, we can hang them all over our homes, and we can find ones that fit in seamlessly with our other decor. With the insanely gorgeous and sophisticated designs populating online shops, there is no reason to keep our book love between the pages. Whether you're looking for something classic or something decidedly modern, we've got prints shops for everyone; from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling.

1. Window Shop Gal

Window Shop Gal/Etsy

You've probably seen these prints from Window Shop Gal all over Tumblr and bookstagram and that's because they are insanely gorgeous. From Harry Potter to Gilmore Girls, these vintage inspired prints will be any book lover's dream home decor.

2. Carrot Top Paper Shop

Carrot Top Paper Shop/Etsy

Fans of classic children's literature's spunky heroines are going to fall in love with Carrot Top Paper Shop, which boasts prints of eight different heroines (including Anne Shirley, Hermione Granger and Scout Finch) as well as coloring pages, book marks and greeting cards. Best known for their literary heroine banners, which can be customized with different heroine prints and quote prints to spruce up any home office, library or bedroom.

3. Simini Blocker

Simini Blocker/Society 6

Simini Blocker's Tumblr page is chock full of her insanely beautiful bookish prints, including quotes, redesigned covers and character designs. Luckily for us, she also sells many of her prints online, too. We are obsessed with the beyond badass rendition of Vivian and Harp from Katie Coyle's Vivian Apple at the End of The World above, but there are plenty of others to fall for, as well.

4. Flapper Doodle

Flapper Doodle/Etsy

Flapper Doodle has been an Etsy mainstay since 2009. And while there are a variety of prints and pins to choose from, that range from the feminist to the whimsical, there are also some gorgeous bookish renditions of the femme flapper.

5. Creative Daffodil

Creative Daffodil/Etsy

Creative Daffodil sells minimalist literary posters dedicated to pretty much any great author you can think of, from Jane Austen to William Shakespeare and even modern writers like J.K. Rowling. They all feature the author's last name (many with their birth and death dates) and a simple image related to their titles. Think a dementor for Rowling and a martini glass for Fitzgerald) which makes them the perfect sophisticated literary decorations.

6. Obvious State

Obvious State /Etsy

This shop has sold 27,000 pieces since hitting Etsy back in 2010, making them an obvious must to check out when you're in the market for new literary prints. At first focusing on minimalist black and white quotes from classic authors like Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf, the shop has also expanded to include gorgeous floral prints and tote bags (also emblazoned with bookish quotes, naturally), coffee mugs and tea towels.

7. Evie Seo

Evie Seo is not only a super popular Bookstagrammer under EvieBookish, she is also an extremely talented designer who takes bookish quote prints to a whole new level. Taking inspiration from YA books like Six of Crows and A Court of Mist and Fury, as well as classics like Pride & Prejudice, these colorful prints will have you obsessed.

8. Behind The Pages

Behind The Pages/Etsy

Best known for their book boyfriend/girlfriend soaps and lip balms (which, can we just say, are super adorable) Behind The Pages has also got tons of great YA prints to decorate your bookshelves or walls with, including The Lunar Chronicles and Truthwitch.

9. La-Haine


This hidden gem shop on Redbubble, La-Haine boasts some of the coolest and most stunning prints we've seen of The Raven Boys gang, and the Dregs from Six of Crows. If you are into either of those series you will be obsessed with this artwork, and we wouldn't blame you if you buy it in every iteration from print to pillow.

10. Litographs


Litographs are some of the coolest bookish prints on the market, using the text of our favorite stories, from classics like Nancy Drew to modern favorites like Throne of Glass and Cinder to create minimalist silhouettes featuring beloved characters. These would be ideal for an office or bedroom, especially for any kids or kids at heart, because they feature tons of children's classics. The site also has t-shirts, totes, scarves and tattoos with their designs.

11. Red Hill Printables

Red Hill Printables/Etsy

If you're looking for a super affordable and easy way to get some lit prints on your wall, look no further than Red Hill Printables on Etsy. There are over 200 options to choose from, most featuring cool minimalist covers of books by everyone from Shakespeare to Salinger. All of them are sold as printable downloads, so you can go as casual or as fancy with the decorating as you want. Shoot 'em out from your own home printer or get them blown up and framed at a local shop. And the best part is that they're all less than eight bucks.