15 Book Prints To Spruce Up Your Reading Nook This Spring

Spring is here (technically, at least), and with it comes great spring books, as well as the desire to spring clean, renew, and refresh pretty much everything. That's why you need these book prints to make your walls cheery. It's out with the winter, in with a whole new outlook. Usher in sunlight and give your library or reading nook a little makeover of its own. After all, all things bookish are the best decorations, and you can't argue with a lit-lover about that.

Image: Etsy

C.S. Lewis Books and Tea Quote

Who better to have decoating your walls than C.S. Lewis, childhood favorite and author of The Chronicles of Narnia? Plus, he’s not wrong — there aren’t enough books or tea in the world to satisfy most bookworms!

C.S Lewis Book and Tea Quote Print, $6.00, Etsy

Drink Good Coffee, Read Good Books

Truer words have never been spoken. Or printed. After all, nothing goes together better than books and coffee, so curl up with a good book, a cup of your favorite brew, and enjoy!

Drink Good Coffee, Read Good Books Print, $10.00, Etsy

Between the Pages

Because who doesn’t love getting lost in a good book, only to look up and realize hours have passed? A lovely bookish print for your reading nook!

Between the Pages of a Book Print, $11.97, Etsy

So We Beat On...

A beautiful quote from one of the greatest novels of all time, captured and hung on your wall, because we could all use a little more Fitzgerald in our lives.

The Great Gatsby Quote Print, $12.20, Etsy

Vintage Child Reading

A retro print of a child reading in bed invokes memories in most of us, and livens up your wall at the same time. Print this one yourself right at home, find a unique frame and you’re in business!

Colorful Child Reading, $1.99, Etsy

Unleash Your Inner Geek

This one speaks for itself, since most readers have no problem letting out their inner geeks, mainly over their latest great reads. The black and white makes this a match for any and all spaces, too!

Geekery Quote Print, $5.00, Etsy

Good Book, Cozy Nook

Pick your own color for this one, customized to match your very own “cozy nook.” Plus, all of the choices are a match for the spring weather!

Good Book Cozy Nook Print, $22.00, Etsy

We're All Mad Here

This print brings to life one of the most famous and well loved lines in literature, Cheshire Cat and all.

Alice in Wonderland Print, $16.87, Etsy

Shakespeare Quote

I’m sure by “this place” Shakespeare was talking about the inside of a book, right? Right. This quote from As You Like It is perfect for any reading room or office wall.

Shakespeare Quote Print, $12.20, Etsy

To Err is Human

Inspire yourself with this Alexander Pope quote every time you walk into the room! Simple and minimalist, this one fits with any style.

Poetry Print, $12.27, Etsy

Anonymous Was a Woman

Virginia Woolf telling it like it is. The perfect reminder of how far we’ve come to hang up in a room of your own.

Virginia Woolf Quote Print, $4.03, Etsy

So Many Books, So Little Time

Such is the case for many readers. Books just pile up so much more quickly than they can be read. The cat is just a bonus.

So Many Books Print, $4.00, Etsy

A Plotting of Fiction Genres

Everything you ever wanted to know about genres, all on one handy print, neatly mapped out for whenever you need it. It’s easy to get lost in.

A Plotting of Fiction Genres, $29.00, Pop Chart Lab

A Uniquely Portable Magic

Stephen King is a master of horror, but he knows a thing or two about writing craft lessons, too. In case you ever need a reminder of the magic of books, this Stephen King print will serve as the perfect reminder.

Stephen King Quote Print, $5.99, Etsy

Jane Eyre Cover

A print that is both creepy and classy. Jane Eyre’s cover is reimagined with some amazing artwork, perfect for Brontë and classics fans alike.

Jane Eyre Literature Poster, $10.00, Etsy