11 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Episodes Every True Fan Knows


This might be a controversial statement, but I have to say that Real Housewives of Atlanta is the most exciting show in the Real Housewives franchise. These ladies always bring it and they've given us many moments that are nothing short of iconic, which means there are so many legendary episodes that every Real Housewives of Atlanta fan knows.

If you are an RHOA super fan, you will never forget the best episodes of the series. This show is so good that almost every episode slays, but there are some that truly stand out from the rest. It is difficult to narrow down the selection, but I am here for you. I decided to take on this difficult task and decide which episodes are really a step above the rest.

From notorious wig pulling, to the most clever shade throwing, to the twists and turns that none of us expected, the Atlanta ladies always come through. There is always drama and laughter, and that is especially true when it comes to the episodes below. Plus, most of these episodes were "To be continued..." with multiple parts, which proves that the events and situations covered were so packed with drama that there was just too much good footage to fit into one hour-long show.

1. Season 1, Episode 1, "Welcome One, Welcome ATL"

RHOA started out perfectly. There are just so many amazing things about this first episode: We got introduced to Kim Zolciak's mysterious relationship with Big Poppa, her red Solo cups, and her chain smoking. Shereé Whitfield removed NeNe Leakes from the guest list for her birthday party. The ultimate triangle of drama between Shereé, NeNe, and Kim was established. Name another Real Housewives premiere that was on this level. I'll wait.

2. Season 1, Episode 5, "Out Of Tune"

The best friendship between Kim and NeNe crumbled pretty much immediately when the first season began, but the tension kicked up a notch when NeNe sang a song making fun of Kim and her attempt at a singing career. Not only that, but we got to see NeNe trash talk Shereé and got to watch Kim at vocal lessons. The episode was already entertaining, but it ended with the most legendary text message in Real Housewives history. Kim calling NeNe a "low budget b*tch" will never be forgotten by super fans of this show.

3. Season 1, Episode 8, "Reunion Special"

Even though the first season was only eight episodes, NeNe and Kim really brought the drama for the reunion. Kim tried to explain why she wears wigs in a story that involved her waiting in a Chili's for test results that turned out negative. And, of course, NeNe uttered one of her most famous one-liners: "Close your legs to married men."

4. & 5. Season 2, Episodes 2 & 3, "Kim-Tervention" & "Unbeweavable"

In this two-part episode OG cast members NeNe, Kim, and Shereé came together to resolve their differences, but things did not go as planned. NeNe ended up bragging about how rich she is in a fight with Shereé and confronted Kim for talking smack. And it all ended with Shereé pulling Kim's wig on the sidewalk outside of restaurant with Michael Lohan randomly walking by in the middle of the fight. It was the perfect storm of drama.

6. Season 3, Episode 14, "Flamingo Road Block"

Kim was "on tour" with Kandi Burruss in Miami during this episode, which is pretty crazy since Kandi is a Grammy-winning artist and Kim only had one song. Kim made the tour bus pull over for multiple smoke breaks, Kandi questioned her prowess as a nurse, and it all really came to a head when NeNe joined them on the bus. NeNe and Kim had the most explosive fight after NeNe was upset that Kim invited her assistant, Sweetie, to stay with them. NeNe called Sweetie a "slave" and they traded insults back and forth in the most uncomfortable argument to date. Not only that, but also on this episode Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas had a tough pre-wedding discussion about their financial situation.

7. Season 5, Episode 7, "I Do... But, I Won't"

The Anguilla trip was so full of drama: New cast members Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams (then Porsha Stewart) went at it. NeNe questioned the authenticity of Kenya's relationship with her boyfriend Walter. Kenya freaked out and had her infamous "gone with the wind fabulous" rant. On top of all the drama in the episode, Cynthia and Peter had a beautiful, surprise vow renewal ceremony.

8. & 9. Season 6, Episodes 13 & 14, "Pillow Talk Or Pillow Fight" & "Peaches Divided"

Pretty much everyone in the cast went at it during this two-part episode. NeNe decided to throw a slumber party for all of the couples that was anything but fun. Everyone argued. Kandi had to defend her new relationship with Todd Tucker. Apollo Nida got into a physical altercation with one of Kenya's friends. The entire thing was even more ridiculous since the whole cast was wearing pajamas while they screamed at each other.

10. & 11. Season 9, Episodes 23 & 24, "Reunion Part 3" & "Reunion Part 4"

I know that these are very fresh additions to the list, but there's no way to deny the drama of the most recent reunion episodes. Part 3 ended with Porsha's revelation that Phaedra claimed Kandi told her that she wanted to drug and take advantage of Porsha, leading to the absolute insanity of Part 4. In Part 4 we saw the demise of Porsha and Phaedra's friendship, and Kandi finally got some redemption after Phaedra's lies. Andy was beyond shocked. The whole thing was out of hand. As fans now see on the current season, it led to Phaedra leaving the show altogether and Kandi's new tagline, ""Don’t mess with the boss, 'cause you might get fired!"

With Season 10 currently airing, there's no doubt that even more dramatic and memorable episodes are on the way.