How Much Money Do The 'RHOA' Ladies Actually Have?

I don't know about you, but part of the reason that I can't help watching Real Housewives is because I get a peek at affluent lifestyles that I will never be able to attain. Although I sometimes relate to the ladies, most of the time their problems are out of my range of understanding solely because I could never afford to get in the situations they find themselves in. They are all always in a constant competition to have the best everything, from cars to houses to clothes to hair pieces, so I want to know how much money they really have. The best way to address this question is to rank the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast by net worth.

These women love to brag about being able to afford the best of the best. One of NeNe Leakes most quotable lines is "I'm rich, bitch." But how rich is she really? She is always hurling insults at the other Housewives about going to the bank and any other other metaphor to describe racking in the cash. But what about the rest of the ladies? Do they also have a lot of money? Looking into their net worths will settle the debate once and for all. We will know who's really "rich, bitch," and who just knows how to work it and appear wealthy.

8. Shereé Whitfield — Estimated -$100 Thousand

This one makes me sad to write. Shereé will always be one of my favorite Housewives. Just like plenty of other celebrities and reality stars, Shereé net worth is reportedly negative due to back taxes. Plus, she reportedly didn't receive any alimony after her divorce. Shereé has a lot of sass and determination, so I am hoping that she will be able to get out of the mess and come out of it victorious.

7. Lisa Wu – Estimated $100 Thousand

Lisa Wu was only on RHOA for two seasons, but she was one of the first Real Housewives to try and turn herself into a brand. Lisa built her net worth through her own real estate firm called Hartwell and Associates, but she also had other fashion lines called Hart 2 Hart Baby and Wu girls.

6. Kenya Moore — Estimated $300 Thousand

Kenya Moore has mentioned many times that she is a former Miss USA, but Kenya relies on more for income. She has her own production company called Moore Vision Entertainment and has made several acting appearances on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Living Single, and The Steve Harvey Show.

5. Claudia Jordan — Estimated $500 Thousand

Claudia Jordan has been in the entertainment industry for a while. She was a model for The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal. She also parlayed her modeling into TV commercials for Pepsi and Coors Light, and was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

5. Porsha Williams — Estimated $500 Thousand

Unfortunately, Porsha Williams reportedly did not receive any alimony in her divorce from Kordell Stewart, so she's been working it to support herself. Although she got downgraded in her role on RHOA, she still appears as a Friend of the Housewives and she also is a co-host for Dish Nation .

5. Cynthia Bailey — Estimated $500 Thousand

As we all know, Cynthia primarily earns a living as a fashion model. She has endorsed beauty products and appeared on magazine covers. Cynthia has parlayed her experience into opening her own modeling school. In addition to modeling, she dabbled in acting with an appearance on The Cosby Show back in the day.

5. Kim Zolciak — Estimated $500 Thousand

Even though Kim Zolciak hasn't been a Real Housewife for some time, she definitely not hurting for money. Kim has her own spin off show on Bravo called Don't Be Tardy... Plus, I'm sure she is getting some royalties from her music singles. Well, maybe.

4. DeShawn Snow — Estimated $1.5 Million

You might not remember much about DeShawn Snow since she was only on the first season, but it really doesn't matter because she is doing just fine without the reality star lifestyle. DeShawn has been out of the spotlight since then, but according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, she is still doing well for herself.

3. Phaedra Parks — Estimated $2 Million

I'm not at all surprised that Phaedra has an estimated net worth of $2 million. I feel like the woman is always working and on top of that she is constantly trying new things. She is a successful lawyer, but she also has her own exercise program and a funeral home. It's safe to say that Phaedra has the most diverse résumé of all the Housewives.

2. NeNe Leakes — Estimated $12 Million

NeNe isn't lying when she constantly brags about being rich. She definitely is. Throwing shade brought NeNe an estimated $1 million per season on Real Housewives of Atlanta according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. And she has also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, and The New Normal as an actress. NeNe also played the fairy godmother in Cinderella on Broadway. Now that she has left RHOA, it will be interesting to see what other projects she pursues.

1. Kandi Burruss — Estimated $35 Million

Ironically, I feel like Kandi brags the least about her finances. But I guess it doesn't matter whether she boasts or not since she is far surpassing the other ladies no matter what. According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Kandi racks in $450,000 per season on RHOA. She earned a majority of her money as a singer, songwriter, and music producer for her former band Xscape and other artists like TLC, Usher, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys. It looks like song writing is the way to go.I'm sure that writing "No Scrubs" for TLC would be enough to set Kandi up for life.

No matter how much money the ladies are worth, they will always mean a lot to me as a loyal fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nevertheless, it is definitely interesting to see the numbers behind it all with the ladies constantly bragging and showing off their fortunes.Images: rhogif/Tumblr (5); RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr (5), Giphy(1)