11 Reasons 'Watch What Happens Live' Is The Best

I don't know if anyone else loves the Bravo channel as much as I do. I mean, watching Real Housewives of any city has, ultimately, become my number one guilty pleasure in life. But, if I really had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say that Watch What Happens Live is the best thing on Bravo. I mean, it really takes my pop culture fandom to another level.

I'm serious you guys, I totally live for Andy Cohen and the interviews that he conducts on Watch What Happens — they're informative and super fun. Like, if there's anything you ever wanted to know about your favorite Bravolebrity, or pop culture personality, best believe the truth will come out in the clubhouse with AC.

Perhaps it's the free flowing alcoholic beverages or Cohen's affable persona that draws people in and makes them spill all of the behind the scenes tea on their lives. I really don't know what it is, but he always gets them talking somehow, some way — and it's absolutely great, to say the least.

It's always interesting to catch the entertaining no holds barred convo and catch a glimpse of your favorite celebs totally letting it loose on the clubhouse stage with Cohen. So if you're also a huge Watch What Happens Live, like me — Mazel... because this list is for you!

1. Guest Stars

WWHL, no doubt, always has the best celebrity guest appearances. Unlike the typical late night talk show set up, Cohen and his production staff seem to always come up prime pop culture pairings like, 50 Cent and Leah Remini or Lil Jon and Rachel Maddow – it seriously makes for excellent TV.

2. Drinks, Drinks, & More Drinks

The alcohol is always flowing on set at Watch What Happens, which seemingly helps to keep the guests in their comfort zone as they answer all of the tough questions that Cohen tosses their way.

3. Plead The Fifth

There's nothing more fun than when Cohen plays a game of Plead the Fifth with his guests. It's a fun and shady way to learn more about the your favorite celebs.

4. Celebrity Impersonators

Cohen always knows how to entertain his guests and audience with drag queen impersonator contests. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the queens always come to slay and are full of fun when they hit the clubhouse, sometimes dressed as your favorite housewife.

5. Teach Me Your Talent

Sometimes the Andy asks his guests to showcase a hidden talent and that's always interesting, to say the least.

6. Guest Bartenders

The clubhouse also has a guest bartender on hand, just to keep the liquor, party and convo flowing.

7. Tea Spilling

Drama always ensues during Watch What Happens Live interviews, guests typically get into a bit of shady tea spilling once Cohen begins to ask all of the right questions.

8. Mazel Of The Day

"Mazel of the Day" is a special shout out that the host offers to anyone as a salute for making headline for something either interesting or outstanding. The "award" always goes to something or someone interesting in pop culture.

9. At Home Drinking Game

Andy always encourages the audience to join in on the on studio fun with a drinking game. The show is never complete without sipping to the word of the night.

10. Doorbell Surprise

Nothing makes me happier than when someone rings the doorbell at the club house and enters the show as a surprise guest.

11. Andy Cohen

As if this wasn't already evident, Andy Cohen is literally one of my favorite people. I mean, how can you not love the guy who has brought our lives so much joy with both the Real Housewives and Watch What Happens Live? He's literally my friend in my head, and kind of the reason Bravo is as popular as it is now. And for that, he definitely deserves a big, "Mazel of the Day."