Why You Loved 'One Tree Hill' So Much

Teen shows are one of life's true pleasures. They are soapy, romantic, and full of iconic characters. One Tree Hill is definitely one of those shows. Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Haley, and Nathan's adventures in high school and beyond were enthralling — even when the drama sailed over the top and off into the stratosphere. That's one of the many reasons you loved One Tree Hill so much though. It's one show that always did its own thing, and made no apologies for it. (For reference, see Dan watch in horror as a dog eats his donor heart.)

Part of the show's appeal comes from how perfectly it captures the '00s. Lots of TV series tackled the '90s experience, but One Tree Hill is one of the few that found inspiration in the strange times that were the turn of the century. Technology was advancing and so was the reality of how teenagers lived. The residents of Tree Hill embody the era with ease, and that makes watching old episodes on Netflix feel like you're checking in with your favorite high school pals.

One Tree Hill is a wonderful, crazy, and unforgettable show, and here are 11 reasons why you loved it so much. And no, it's not just because Brooke Davis is the actual best, but...

1. Brooke Davis Is The Actual Best

At least 70 percent of your love for One Tree Hill is tied to Brooke and her ability to see through everyone's garbage, including her own. She is a sass machine with a heart of gold, and pretty much everything she ever said is quotable.

2. Nathan & Haley's Romance

Most of the romances on One Tree Hill weren't built to last, but Nathan and Haley were always meant to be forever. From their first season courtship to their complicated marriage, their love story gave the show half of its heart.

3. Peyton & Brooke's Friendship

The other half of the show's heart is Brooke and Peyton. These two have one of TV's best female friendships. They dealt with boy troubles, major life events, and even a friend breakup, and they always came out of every situation stronger. They're a true inspiration.

4. The Crazy Plot Twists

Come on, you know those insane late series twists kept you coming back for more. From Haley and Nathan's nanny nightmare to Dan using the school shooting to kill Keith, you never knew what would happen next on One Tree Hill.

5. Lucas & Nathan's Brotherly Love/Hate Relationship

Lucas and Nathan's love/hate relationship was most prominent in Season 1, but there was something gratifying about watching these brothers from opposite sides of the tracks bond.

6. Loving To Hate Dan

Dan truly was a loathsome man, but his evilness was so over the top it made it easy to love to hate him.

7. The Music

Gavin DeGraw, Tyler Hilton, Switchfoot — One Tree Hill is a treasure trove of '00s music. These were the artists and bands of your teen years, and hearing them again will always take you back to high school.

8. All Of Those Heartbreaking Moments

If you ever need a good cry, One Tree Hill is there for you. Limo crashes, losing parents, a school shooting, and Lucas' heart issues are just a few of the moments that left fans bawling.

9. The Love Triangle

The Peyton/Lucas/Brooke triangle is unique in that it was nearly impossible to choose sides. Lucas' love for both women always felt genuine, but nothing was as powerful as the bond Peyton and Brooke had with each other.

10. The High School Years

The post-time jump seasons were good too, but the show was at its best when it was delving into the complicated friendships people form in high school.

11. Jamie Scott

Cutest kid in the world? Most definitely.

Face it, once you've seen One Tree Hill, there's no going back. You'll love this show forever.