11 References To The Original 'Twin Peaks' In The Revival, Because Nostalgia Is All Around Us

Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Things are not what they seem in Twin Peaks in 2017. After a 25-year absence, it looks like audiences are being drawn back into the heart of mystery that is the sleepy town of Twin Peaks, a place they loved to visit back in the early '90s. Upon returning, it looks like not much has changed because the Twin Peaks revival references the original show so many times, it's almost like watching the original series itself. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. It's definitely good to be back in Twin Peaks, even if things are just as off-kilter as the last time.

As expected, nearly all of the original Twin Peaks cast came back for the revival. While fans knew who was coming back, they knew next to nothing about what they were coming back to see. Would there be a new mystery ravaging Twin Peaks? Would the show still be investigating the death of Laura Palmer and the shady goings-on on the outskirts of town? Would the lovely townsfolk still have the same hankering for pie, donuts, and coffee they had back in 1991?

As we pondered those questions (and many more) while we watched, it would seem Twin Peaks creative team David Lynch and Mark Frost made sure to bring back some familiar sights, sounds, catch phrases and symbols that fans have come to closely associate with Twin Peaks over the years. Here are 11 nods I noticed in the May 21 Twin Peaks premiere.

1. The Black Lodge

It's one of the main locations in the first two parts of Twin Peaks and it's the one place that seems to keep the most iconic Twin Peaks characters trapped for an eternity, like Dale Cooper, the One-Armed Man, and Leland Palmer. Spooky.

2. The Iconic Twin Peaks Theme Song

What would Twin Peaks be without it's theme song?

3. The Giant Returns

At the beginning of Part 1, the Giant bestows some eerie commands onto Dale Cooper.

4. Shelly & James Show Up At The Bang Bang Bar

Towards the end of Part 2, James and Shelly both show up at The Bang Bang Bar. Shelly looks like she's having a girl's night out. James shows up with a friend. At one point, Shelly mentions that James had a motorcycle accident years ago but he's just as sweet as he's always been.

5. The Log Lady Is Back

The Log Lady, also known as Margaret, calls Hawk to give him a message from her log. She appears quite sick and needs some assistance from a breathing tube.

6. There Are Two Sheriff Trumans Now

In a casual scene, Lucy lets it slip there are two Sheriff Trumans now: one who is sick and one who is fishing. There must be a relation to Harry S.

7. Hawk Demands Coffee And Donuts

After Hawk receives word from The Log Lady that he must find Dale Cooper, he goes into the police station conference room with Cooper's old files. Not missing a beat, he demands Lucy bring him coffee and donuts, just like the good ol' days.

8. Two Dale Coopers Appear

Dale Cooper is still stuck in The Black Lodge and Bob Cooper, Dale's evil doppelganger, is now running around and killing people. This can't be good.

9. Dr. Jacoby Lives In The Woods

I'd recognize those two-tone glasses anywhere. What's Jacoby doing living in the woods and getting big shipments of shovels delivered to his doorstep?

10. The One-Armed Man Gave Dale Cooper A Warning

"Is it the future? Or is it the past? Someone is here."

11. Laura Palmer Returns

Dearly departed Laura Palmer came back to give the good Dale Cooper, still stuck in The Black Lodge, some new information via a glowing portal in her face before she was sucked into the sky. You know, the usual stuff.

All these connections to the past sure do make me glad that the Twin Peaks revival is on the air.