11 "SCOTUS Pick" Tweets That Show Exactly How The Country Is Feeling

Zach Gibson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Monday is the day that President Trump has promised he will announce his second Supreme Court nominee — and America is watching closely. One great way to truly get a measure of how the country is feeling is to look at the #SCOTUSPick tweets on Twitter, because they express the full range of views out there at the moment. Well before Trump has actually made the announcement, it's pretty clear that, as usual in this administration, the country is pretty split.

Trump's pick will definitely shift the court's balance to the conservative side, which could have the result of walking back numerous progressive gains that have been made over the years. Many outlets have reported the general consensus is that the prime issue on many people's minds is Roe v. Wade, and the question of whether this pick will overturn it. The #SCOTUSPick tweets confirm this — but it's far from the only thing that Trump's opponents are worrying about. As is usually the case with Twitter, though, there are plenty of people on the other side who are just as excited about that prospect as its detractors are dismayed.

Here is a small sampling of the word on Trump's SCOTUS pick.


Overturning Roe Wouldn't Be Popular

A New Hampshire congressional candidate pointed out something that the right seems to ignore in the abortion debate — a majority of the American public is solidly pro-choice, as Politico reported.


What About The Investigation?

The Trump/Russia investigation continues, multiple indictments and guilty pleas in, and yet there's very little chance that congressional Republicans will allow that to hinder the SCOTUS pick's confirmation.


A Democratic Fantasy

Numerous Twitter users have made the point that the #SCOTUSPick should be a man who was already picked: Obama's unconfirmed nominee from 2016, Merrick Garland.


Not Everyone Is Upset

This post doesn't say anything about "snowflakes" specifically, though it wouldn't seem out of place.


What's On The Line

This is essentially the main list of fears that liberals and progressives hold about the pick.


The Middle Road

Although "dutifully [upholding] the Constitution" means different things to different people.


About The Election Year Thing ...

2018 is also an election year, much like 2016, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed that President Obama couldn't appoint a Supreme Court Justice because the Senate needed to "let the American people decide."


It Looks Like A Conservative Win

There's not a whole lot that Democrats can do to block the pick from being confirmed — besides, that is, lobbying Republican senators who might switch sides.


Going Back To The Campaign

As the Washington Post laid out, Trump has held many views on abortion — but there was a point during the campaign when he said that women should be criminally prosecuted for getting abortions.


Are Gun Rights At Stake?

The NRA is claiming that the SCOTUS pick is a gun rights issue, though it's highly unlikely that anyone who Trump picked would ever threaten that particular set of rights.


Is He Even Old Enough To Drink?

Hopefully, Kasky is just imploring those of legal drinking age to pour themselves a glass of wine — but either way, his point stands.

Despite all of the hype surrounding Trump's announcement of this pick, just remember that the announcement is only the beginning. There's still the Senate confirmation hearings to go — and they could offer far more drama than even a former reality star like Trump can summon.