11 Signs You Might Have PCOS And Not Even Know It

As is the case with many health concerns, how to know if you polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be difficult to tell on your own, unless you know exactly what to look for. And even then, signs of this hormonal and reproductive disorder can be easy to miss. In fact, "half of the 10,000,000 women who have it are unaware of it," Sinem Karipcin, MD, a fertility specialist at Conceptions Florida, tells Bustle.

Partially to blame are the easy-to-miss symptoms, as well as the fact PCOS can be difficult for doctors to diagnose, due to all the factors involved. "The exact cause is multifactorial with multiple environmental and genetic factors fostering its development," Karipcin says. "PCOS is diagnosed based on your family and gynecological history, an ultrasound to count the baseline follicles on your ovaries, as well as a hormonal checkup to make sure there is not an underlying thyroid problem or another testosterone-related issue."

There is good news, though. According to Karipcin, there are several treatment options available, once you are diagnosed. Doctors often recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and birth control pills, in order to even out hormones. And some suggest certain medications that can help lower insulin levels. Here are a few lesser-known, super subtle signs of PCOS experts say all women should watch out for.