These 11 Skeleton Makeup Tutorials Are Completely & Gloriously Extra

by Kali Borovic

There are certain things that you can count on every single fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in full swing, sweaters come back out, and everyone and their brother does a skull makeup tutorial. The skull Halloween makeup look might be a classic, but the tutorials get better every single year. And this year, the skull looks are anything but basic.

While there are tons of different costumes out there, the best ones often come right from your makeup bag. That's what makes the skull makeup tutorial so popular. You can be a makeup beginner or a seasoned vet and nail the spooky look.

Every year the skull tutorials get more and more creative. What started as a black and white trend has grown to include tons of different colors and even some gems. You can go as basic or as blinged out as you'd like. At the least, all you need is some eyeshadow and liner. After that, you can add on as much as your little heart desires.

But where do you start for inspo? Whether you're looking for a last minute costume or looking to create and entire ensemble to match your makeup, these 11 skull tutorials will make you the standout at the party.

1. Glowing Ghoul

Odds are you've already seen a black and white skull, but have you seen one that's glowing? The entire look is made up of a handful of eyeshadows and liquid liner. Oh, and there's no power source needed.

2. Glam Skull

Take the classic skull up a notch with this high-glam tutorial. Just because you're dressed like something dead doesn't mean that you can't slay. It might look complex, but the step-by-step makes it easy to follow.

3. Holographic Hues

This year has been all about the quirky colored highlight, so it only makes sense that it's made its way into Halloween makeup tutorials, too. The addition of the gems makes this one a high shine at-home costume.

4. Grunge Skull

If you're looking to go glam in the edgiest way possible, this is the tutorial for you. Whether you add the glitter on or not, this grungy skull is sure to make a statement this Halloween.

5. Mask-looking Makeup

No need to find the perfect mask because you now have a step-by-step of making your own. This skull tutorial is sure to impress all of your friends. Just makes sure to set it, so it doesn't rub off.

6. Costume Combination

Can't chose between a mermaid, clown, or skull? No worries — there's a tutorial for that. This look combines all the biggest trends of the year for one absolutely stunning outcome.

7. Bright Pink Face

This bright pink skull is the best of both worlds — colorful and super easy to create. The tutorial uses all the same makeup techniques that you know and love, but with even more drama. Because who doesn't want to contour with bright pink shadow?

8. Abstract Makeup

Even a makeup beginner can pull this look off. All you need is some shadow and a few different colored eyeliners, and you have the perfect halloween costume.

9. Zipper Skull

Black and white skull are a classic. This is the perfect way to give the costume a modern look, and it's so easy.

10. Glittery Skull

This tutorial will have you turning heads all night long. It's so intricate, but yet so simple all at the same time.

11. Full Body Paint

The easiest way to go beyond the classic skull costume is to bring it all the way down your chest. It's spooky and glam all at the same time.