11 Actually Cute Outfits Inspired By 'Sailor Moon'

Cosplay is wonderful, but do you ever find yourself wishing you could dress like your favorite characters without having to go full-on comic convention? Turns out you can — with right combinations of accessories and adorable dresses, you can actually put together some really cute outfits inspired by Sailor Moon. It might be something obvious like adding a Luna iron-on patch to your favorite bomber jacket, or maybe a more subtle nod like a rosette bracelet for Tuxedo Mask, or a Sailor Scout-inspired bow tie. No matter what route you decide to go though, there are lots of ways to pay homage to your favorite anime.

Because honestly? If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you remain to this day a card-carrying Sailor Moon fan. After all, it was a major fixture in TV, circa the mid-90s — and who could resist the siren call of a teenaged girl gang of superheroines who fought crime in adorable sailor suits? Seriously, their empowering brand of sass and fashion sense was unparalleled — so it's only natural that, a full two decades later, we're still trying to figure out how to be as cool as Sailor Moon and co.

Alas, we may never wield the Moon Stick or the Silver Crystal, but you know what we can do? Look fly as hell in Sailor Scout-inspired fashion.

1. Modern Sailor Scout

Pair an oversized bow tie with a cute short skirt in the color of your choice, and you've basically got the whole Sailor Scout look on lock. Bonus points for fun accessories, such as an adorable Crisis Moon Compact keychain.

Oversized Bow Tie, $13, ASOS; Mini Skater Skirt in Cotton Poplin with Pockets, $29, ASOS; Crisis Moon Compact Key Charm, $21, Etsy;

2. '90s Luna

Pay homage to Sailor Moon's early '90s origins with some adorable acid-washed shortalls. Plus, the kitty cat patches and kitty cat hair clip add some extra Luna fun!

Distressed Denim Overalls, $30, Forever21; Cat-Shaped Barrette, $3, Forever21;

3. Femme Tuxedo Moon

OK, so this outfit doesn't include an actual tuxedo, but the rose motif is a nice nod to Sailor Moon's knight in black tie armor.

Missguided Plus Floral Embroidered Bardot Dress, $48, ASOS; A Dozen Roses Bracelet, $69, Danbury Mint;

4. Mod Sailor Scout

A bow-printed top pairs very nicely with bowed ankle socks, and the pleated skirt recalls the iconic Sailor Scout uniform.

Lightweight Wool Jackie Sweater Shell In Bow Print, $70, J.Crew; Pleated Mini Skirt, $28, ASOS; Oversized Bow Ankle Socks, $7, ASOS;

5. Cosmic Heart Compact

Dress up a low-key Sailor Moon graphic T-shirt with a blingy statement ring.

Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Compact Burnout T-Shirt, $20, Hot Topic; Crescent Moon Ring, $960, Cat Bird Nyc;

6. Sailor Minimalism

Dress up a sailor-inspired white summer dress by adding a bow cuff, and some seriously anime-approved booties (come on, we all know how much Sailor Moon loves boots).

ASOS CURVE Shirred Sundress with Eyelet Detail, $45, ASOS; JOSZ

Swarovski Crystal Bow Cuff, $79, Ted Baker; Marc Jacobs Crawford Patent Leather Ankle Boots, $450, Barneys;

7. Chic Luna

Put a trendy spin on the Luna aesthetic by adding a cutesy iron-on patch to a classic bomber. Combine with a fun LBD, and bam! Stylish Luna realness.

ASOS The Ultimate Bomber Jacket In Jersey, $32, ASOS; Sailor Moon Luna Patch, $4, Hot Topic; ASOS Mini Cami Skater Dress, $19, ASOS;

8. Princess Serenity

For a breezy version of Serena's Princess Serenity outfit, pair a white empire waisted dress, with a moon choker. It's honestly the perfect summer garden party outfit, Sailor Moon fan or not.

Embroidered Eyelet Midi Dress, $100, Zara; ASOS Moon And Faux Pearl Choker Necklace, $10, ASOS;

9. Twee Bunny

Remember how Sailor Moon's nickname was "Bunny?" (In the Japanese version, her character was usually called "Usagi," which translates to "rabbit"). At any rate, her wardrobe often incorporated bunny motifs, just like these adorable shoes.

Star Embellished T-Shirt, $68, Top Shop; Wide-Cut Shorts, $13, H&M; ASOS Lettuce Bunny Ballet Flats, $40, ASOS;

10. Luna Tights

Luna-inspired thigh highs are sure to be the perfect accessory for your favorite LBD.

ASOS CURVE Deep Bardot Mini Skater Dress, $35, ASOS; Black Cat Tights, $10, Torrid;

11. Cosmic Heart Compact

Pair a breezy-chic dress with a super nerdy accessory for a surprisingly stylish combo.

Stripe Poplin High Neck Shirt Dress, $80, Top Shop; Cosmic Heart Compact Necklace, $26, Etsy;

When it comes right down to it, it's actually not that hard to inject a little bit of the Sailor Moon fun into any outfit — whether that means sporting lots of moon and star shaped accessories, incorporating Sailor Scout-approved bows into every ensemble, or even going all out with the Cosmic Heart Compact.