Forget Cosplay, Wear Sailor Scout Attire Every Day

Sailor Moon is my all-time favorite cartoon. The anime series introduced me to young, relatable super heroines and epic Sailor Moon fashion. I don't know about you, but did anyone else used to wish they were Sailor Moon in real life? I mean, besides the incredible super powers, wouldn't you just love to dress like Sailor Moon every day, too? I, for one, used to daydream of a black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead padding up to me and proclaiming that I was actually a princess from the moon. Every time I saw a black cat, my heart would flutter... Do you know how many black cats there are in the world?!

At the time, I was also a fan of Totally Spies, and I would imagine all of the beauty gadgets that Luna would dish out to me so that I could unleash my powers! I even went so far as to draw (I use the term "draw" very loosely) my own Sailor Scout uniform and design my own beauty/accessory weapons.

Now as a "grown up," depending on the company I am in, I sometimes find it a bit embarrassing to talk about my adoration of a cartoon character and her kick ass style. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I think that harping on about Sailor Moon's Cosmic Heart Compact doesn't do much for my "professional adult" street cred. Why did we have to grow up?

So, here is a collection of subtle, Sailor Moon-inspired garments and accessories that any true fangirl would instantly recognize, but that could also pass under the radar of the maturity police unscathed. Now quick, shout "Moon Prism Power, Makeup!" and transform yourself.

The Tiara Ring

If (or should I say when) I get this ring from Etsy I am never taking it off! Modeled on Sailor Moon's tiara, this seriously sweet little ring would easily keep your love of Sailor Moon on the down low. Plus, Sailor Moon's tiara was her first weapon and she came to use it for an array of different attacks to vanquish evil — which proves that this ring is the ruler of badass jewelry. The best thing about it is the price: A mere $5. I do not know how this is possible but all I can muster is a huge "THANK YOU!" to designer teacupcastle, who is so amazing that she can even change the gem to your favorite Sailor Scout's uniform color way.

The Cosmic Heart Compact

If asked, "Hey what's that in your handbag?" you can just reply, "Oh, it's just my compact because you know, regal inspired fashion is so in right now." This one from Etsy is marketed as a cosplay accessory, but no one needs to know that!

The Sailor Moon Earrings

These earrings from Etsy are based on the "original" earrings that Sailor Moon wore back in the day, possibly even as far back as her first appearance in the manga. If anyone asks, you're just channeling moon princess chic.

The Hoodie

I feel like I have just discovered the Holy Grail of subtle, Sailor Moon fangirl attire. Spring/summer 2015 is all about the nautical trend and what better way to show how fashionable you are than by wearing this sailor inspired (wink) hoodie? This hoodie found on Etsy just looks so cozy and functional with its zipper down the front. The red kerchief is also detachable so you can choose to go all-out Sailor Scout or not. I feel like my life will not be complete until I am wearing this hoodie, sipping hot chocolate and watching Sailor Moon on a rainy day — who's with me?

Plus, the creator of this beautiful garment SixOnClothing not only makes hoodies inspired by all of the other Sailor Scouts but they make lots of other hoodies inspired by practically all your favorite pop culture icons, such as Link from The Legend of Zelda and Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. How can anyone choose? Oh, wait you don't have to — just buy them all!

The Choker

Isn't this Sailor Moon Crisis Moon Choker completely charming? This choker would easily fall into the 1990s choker necklace revival trend, albeit this one is a bit more fluffy than the stereotypical goth-lite kids' styles. You could always say you were channeling Cher Horowitz.

The Scarf

This scarf from Etsy is an homage to the mega fangirls out there. Do you recognize this print? It looks familiar right? It's an exact replica of Serena's bedsheets. How awesome is that?!

The Sailor Neptune Shoes

I feel like doing a triumphant, evil laugh right now. These pumps from Etsy are an exact replica of Sailor Neptune's shoes. The reason I chose to channel Sailor Neptune's footwear is because they are (IMO) the most subtle of the Sailor Scouts' footwear. Plus they make a nod towards the spring/summer 2015 ballerina trend.

So now you too can fight evil by moonlight and masquerade as a mature, adult woman by daylight. The only choice you've got is which Sailor Scout will you choose to channel? I call shotgun on Sailor Moon!

Images: TV Asahi; Toei Animation; Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands