Seinne's Instagram Shows A Whole Other Side To 'The Bachelor' Star


It's not uncommon on The Bachelor (senior producer: Lindsay Liles) for contestants to have professions like personal trainer, yoga instructor, or the equivocal "entrepreneur," but at least one of the women this season shares a profession with Arie himself — Seinne, who works in commercial real estate. However, Seinne's Instagram reveals that The Bachelor contestant is more than just her job (duh).

Take a peek at her social media and you'll see that the Yale graduate has a lot going on in her life. It's a pretty fun life too, by the looks of it. Recently, she has her fair share of professional photo shoots and required sunset pics, but the further back you delve the more you'll find. Her California days are filled with friends, family, a lot of overalls, and some impressive sights. She's also attended more than a few weddings over the past year, according to her updates, and perhaps she's planning her own in secret now that the show is over.

According to People magazine, Chris Harrison picked her out as one to watch this season. “This girl is flat out impressive,” Harrison said. “She’s incredibly intelligent and she definitely has this zest for life that Arie is in awe of. He’s a little bit mesmerized by her.”

She has been a fierce supporter of the other women on social media as The Bachelor (producer: Nikki Lazaran) has been airing, especially when it comes to Tia and Bibiana, but what about her life behind the scenes? Here's what the pictures can tell us for now.

1. Family Is Key

You'll see a lot of #auntielove on her Instagram, and tons of cute pictures with nieces, nephews, as well as Seinne's mom, siblings, and whole extended family.

2. She's Fighting For A Cause

This is at an event for battling addiction and stigmas surrounding addiction. So important.

3. She Doesn't Own An Iron

Or, so this Instagram caption from 2015 claims. Who does? Who cares? It's a good travel look regardless.

4. She's Centered

Can you do that? She may not be an instructor, but she's a pro.

5. She's A Former Beauty Queen

According to the 'gram, this floofy and perfectly regal look was circa 2007.

6. And A Former Dancer

She's got the dance bun down pat.

7. She Hit The Road

Seinne backpacked through India, according to this post. She's done some other traveling as well, though according to Twitter hasn't experienced winter since college in Connecticut.

8. She Knows Her Cars

Why hasn't she brought this up on the show?! Real estate isn't the only thing she has in common with Arie, it seems. Here she is dressed like a literal ferrari.

9. She Was Once A Baby

Sorry, there's just not a lot of personal information that you can glean from the social media profiles of Instagram models who mostly share pictures of themselves in glamorous clothes and locales. And this pic is cute.

10. She's Still A Bulldog

School pride doesn't die when you graduate — that's why it's called spirit.

11. She Can Do... Whatever This Is

How fun does that look? This was also taken in Dubai, so once again Sheine proves herself to be a traveler.

While the Ferrari Halloween costume may be the best thing you learn from Seinne's Instagram, this does help us get to know her a little better. That, and it will help spur on some jealousy that you're not traveling to all those places too. Still, if Arie is looking for someone with a "zest for life" as Harrison puts it, look no further.