11 Things You Are Not Doing In Your Morning Grooming Routine, But Should Be

I'm not here to judge your morning routine. Whether or not you shave, shower, or style is none of my business. When I point out the grooming steps that you're not doing, but should be, it's simply to make your life easier and more efficient. After all, if you can forego a few minutes in the bathroom for more time in bed, I'd call that a definite win.

Everyone's got what I like to call their "full-blown morning routine," and their "quick morning routine." My full-blown morning routine includes showering, shaving, makeup, blow drying, curling, and touching up the makeup that I sweat off while blow drying. All of that would take me more than an hour to do on a daily basis, but thankfully, I've found a few foolproof ways to cut some corners.

The secret to a quicker morning routine lies in finding awesome products that you can rely on to save you time and effort in the morning. It's a total lifesaver when you're running late, or when you just need that extra hour of sleep to avoid getting sick. Best of all, a lot of these products are made with ingredients that you can feel good about incorporating into your routine.


Protecting Your Skin If You Choose To Shave

TICO* Shave Oil, $20, Amazon

Shaving's not for everyone, but if you decide to do it, there are some things you can do to ensure that skin stays healthy and irritation-free — and oil is one of them. And this TICO* Shave Oil takes the place of your shave oil, moisturizer, and after shave. It uses USDA-certified organic ingredients to cut the hair short without irritation, and reviewers say, "I have used other shave oils and Trico is the best. A good sense of protection when shaving and no lingering smell afterwards like some do."


Choosing A Dry Shampoo That Lasts All Day

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $22, Amazon

If you don't have time to shampoo but want to get rid of a little excess oil then reach for an alternative that won't leave your hair chalky, heavy, or oily in three hours. Reviewers say that Amika Perk Up dry shampoo genuinely makes their hair feel and smell like they just washed it. It also doesn't change the color of your hair, and won't leave a white or powdery residue like other brands.


Skipping The Shower Every Once In A While

YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets, $15 (Pack of 12), Amazon

Trust me on this one — it is not the end of the world if you don't get to shower every morning, or even every other. In fact, science says that it might actually better for your skin if you don't shower on a daily basis. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up, YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets do the trick. They're non-toxic and biodegradable towels that come pre-moistened with great ingredients to cleanse your skin without water and without a residue. Since they don't have synthetic fragrances, they can be great for sensitive skin, and they can be handy at the gym or after work, too.


Quick Shaving With A Gel That Doesn't Need Water

Showerless Shave Gel, $11, Amazon

If you're shaving without the shower, putting a razor to dry skin is a surefire way to get razor burn and irritations. This showerless shaving gel is a three-in-one solution that requires no lathering, rinsing, or washing. It's made with soothing essential oils and it's free of parabens, alcohol, and cruelty. Reviewers say it's a "must-have for shaving on the go."


Treating Your Skin With A Lotion That Prevents Irritation

Shaveworks The Cool Fix, $12, Amazon

This might be the last thing on your mind after hair removal (especially when you're in a rush), but treating ingrown hairs and razor burn can prevent infection and preserve your complexion. Shaveworks The Cool Fix immediately calms and cools irritated skin with ingredients like glycolic acid, and it even works to prevent ingrown hairs in the future.


Foregoing The Heat Styling To Style While You Sleep

The Sleep Styler, $25, Amazon

I love them, but I also know that heat tools can damage your hair if used too often — and skipping the curling iron every once in a while can save you some damage and a lot of time. The Sleep Styler is a set of highly rated overnight heat-free rollers that give you volume and texture in the form of loose curls. They've also got a super comfortable memory-foam core, and have been called "the best overnight hair product" by reviewers.


Protecting Your Hair If You Do Use Hot Tools

HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector, $14, Amazon

The more damaged your hair gets, the harder it is to manage, so your future self will thank you for using HSI PROFESSIONAL thermal protector. It's a lightweight spray infused with argan oil and essential vitamins that take the heat for your strands. Not only is it sulfate-free and a number one best seller, but it leaves your hair looking soft and shiny both today and long-term.


Remembering To Actually Floss After You Brush

PECHAM Portable Water Flosser, $40, Amazon

I know I sound like a weird hybrid of your mom and your dentist, but flossing really is important; it removes hard-to-reach precursors of plaque that, if left there, will harden into tartar and can't be removed by brushing or flossing. If you're short on time or find it uncomfortable, there's the PECHAM Portable Water Flosser. It holds its water right in the handle, comes with four jet tips, and is totally rechargeable using a USB port. "Wonder why I had not gotten one of these all these years!" one reviewer comments. "Love it!"


Applying A Deodorant That Keeps You Feeling Fresh All Day

Kiss My Face Natural Liquid Rock Deodorant, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you wear deodorant you know that some formulas that promise all-day freshness only last until you walk out the door. If one application does the trick, it can save you a lot of time. I'm a huge believer in mineral salt deodorants like this Kiss My Face natural liquid rock. It's a roll-on that coats your skin in an invisible and residue-free layer of mineral salts that prevent odors for hours on end. Reviewers have even called it "life changing" because it skips the harmful chemicals and perfumes, and it actually works.


Streamlining Your Makeup Routine

Flutterby No Smudge Mascara & Eye Shadow Shields, $15, Amazon

A little mascara and eye shadow can turn into a twenty minute ordeal if you have to wipe it off places it shouldn't be. Flutterby No Smudge shields can help you save some serious time if you apply makeup in the morning. They come in cute designs and are made of sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic. They curve to create a comfortable guard between your lid or under-eye, ensuring that your makeup only ends up where it should be. This is a life-saver when you're in a rush.


Using A Natural Toothpaste That Whitens And Cleans

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, $10, Amazon

If you want to whiten your teeth, you might be spending some of your morning using gels or strips to get that process started. Combine your regular morning brushing with this activated charcoal toothpaste — it whitens teeth and freshens breath with coconut instead of fluoride, and it doesn't leave your teeth sensitive like other whiteners do.

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