11 Times The 'RHOBH' Provence Vacation Was More Extra Than Usual

by Marenah Dobin

The Real Housewives vacations are a highlight every season. The travel elevates the drama, the fashion, and everything in between. It is unlike anything most of us experience in real life. There are so many reasons why the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Provence vacation is different than a trip with your friends that it's hard to count.

A major factor in all of this is an obvious one: The budget. These women live very lavish lives on their own. Add in funds from Bravo and the production company and there's just no way most of us could ever compete with this girls' trip.

However that's not always a bad thing because there were definitely some cringe-worthy moments during the RHOBH trip to Provence, France. Of course, they all overpacked for the vacation, to start. Believe it or not, there were actually some complaints about the amazing accommodations, even though they were staying in an actual castle.... with multiple sitting rooms and a very attentive staff.

The show is called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but there was nothing "real" about that cast trip, at least not for most of the viewers. For many reasons.

1. They Didn't Retrieve Their Own Luggage At Baggage Claim

The women kept a vigilant eye on their suitcases at baggage claim, but none of them actually lifted their belongings up from the conveyer belt. Instead, they pointed to their monogrammed bags, waiting for two kind men to help them out.

2. They "Only Had 2 Guys" Helping With Luggage


The women overpacked, which means that two men carrying two luggage carts each wasn't enough to transport all of their belongings from the airport. This meant that they had to wheel their own suitcases. Kyle Richards asked, "Why are we carrying our luggage?" That's when Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave pointed out, "We only have two guys." Oh, the hassles of traveling.

3. They Needed 2 Family Vans For 5 People


With all of that luggage, it wasn't a surprise that the five Housewives needed to split up into two family vans when they left the airport. Kyle wondered, "Oh, we can't all fit in one?" Erika Jayne reminded her, "No, we have to split." Obviously. Thank you, Erika.

4. They Were Greeted By Castle Staff When They Arrived


As they approached the castle, Erika mused, "I feel like we're in a movie." She was hilariously forthcoming during her on-camera interview when she remarked, "Are you f*cking kidding me? The staff is standing on the steps and we're pulling up to this unbelievable chateau. I've never felt so rich in all my life." Erika, you are rich.

5. They Were Pampered The Entire Time


Kyle explained why this vacation is special during her confessional interview. She declared, "These ladies are going to be waited on hand and foot from breakfast to bedtime. They're not going to have to lift a little pinky finger." And they did not. Not one pinky.

6. They Wanted To Be In A 5 Star Hotel


Lisa Rinna attempted to explain the "downside" of staying in a French chateau: "Usually, we stay in a nice five star hotel, which I like quite a bit because I like my own space. But, I've stayed with these ladies before. You know it's fun, but if there's conflict, there's nowhere to run. You're trapped with these bitches." Oh, the horror. Being "trapped" with fabulous Housewives in a luxurious castle.

7. They Had A Private Chef


Of course, they had a private chef. In fact, multiple staff members worked on the snacks and meals for the Housewives.

8. They Dressed Up For Dinner... Even Though They Didn't Go Out


So much for having a "chill night in." That is not something that would ever happen on this show, unless Denise Richards was able to attend. Dorit Kemsley declared, "We know how to clean up." Even though they just stayed home, Erika summed it up well when she said, "France equals glamour."

9. They "Roughed It" With No Glam Squad


Dorit said, " Contrary to popular belief, I can actually travel without a glam squad." And so did Erika. A first for them both. Is this the beginning of a new era? Don't hold your breath.

10. They Classified Walking Around A Castle As "Exercise"


Apparently, there isn't an elevator in that castle. While Erika walked down the stairs, she told the group, "I would just like to say, my leg day, I don't need one. OK? I just had one." We should all be so lucky.

11. They Wore Sunglasses Indoors


99.9% of the time Erika is the epitome of high glamour. However, the staff prepared some very strong drinks. The first morning, Erika wore sunglasses to breakfast. She told Lisa and Dorit, "I feel like sh*t. I am drunk from the night before."

Dorit responded, "I just thought you were fabulous." Erika agreed, "Oh, that too." Even a Real Housewife's hangover is more fabulous than the average person's.

Some of the RHOBH vacation moments were enviable. Others were admittedly tough to watch. Overall, it's just very clear that this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vacation is nothing like a trip with your friends. At all.