11 Underrated Comedies On Netflix That Will Actually Make You LOL

Comedy can be a tricky thing to recommend; what some find funny might seem dull or downright disgusting to others. Often Hollywood tries to split the difference, making movies featuring slapstick alongside super broad comedy to try and hit an audience's sweet spot. Yet typically, while that formula may make a studio's money back, it doesn't exactly make for compelling film. The joy of streaming services, though, that is that it doesn't cost you anything but time to check out some intriguing comedies, even if you're not sure if they'll be up your alley. Check out these 11 underrated comedies on Netflix, and you'll likely find yourself actually laughing out loud.

The list below contains buddy comedies of all stripes, darker comedies that'll really make you think, and plenty of over-the-top, gross-out humor-filled comedies that'll leave you rolling on the floor. Most of these films had relatively limited theater releases (hence the "underrated" aspect), but thanks to the magic of streaming services, gems of the smaller screen no longer need to slip into obscurity. And hey, if you enjoy them, it's that much easier to recommend them to friends. Hopefully with enough attention, these movies will get to bump the "underrated" title completely.


When a transgender sex worker gets out of prison and finds her boyfriend's been cheating on her, she and a friend team up to track her down in this brash, ridiculous buddy comedy shot on an iPhone.

'Little Sister'

A young nun returns to the home she's been avoiding when her parents send word that her brother's returned home from Iraq. While that sounds more drama than comedy, this is at heart a sweet and gently funny movie about family and trauma.

'In Bruges'

You don't really think of "humor" and "child murder" in the same sentence, but this dark comedy follows a newbie hitman who makes one terrible mistake out of the gate and spends the rest of the movie hoping to avoid the consequences.


A physical comedy in an extremely literal sense, Skins is high melodrama and disturbing prosthetics slammed together without blinking for audacious results.


A gross-out love story, the film follows teenage Helen, who rebels by breaking body taboos. When she gets an infection shaving, she starts falling for her hospital nurse.

'Wet Hot American Summer'

If you haven't seen the cult comedy that perfectly captures the extraordinarily specific genre of '80s summer camp comedies, now is the time.

'She's Gotta Have It'

Spike Lee's films have comedy alongside social commentary, but this tale of three men and the woman dating them all leans heavier on the former.

'I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore'

When a woman and her neighbor team up to solve her home burglary, they quickly find themselves way out of their depth in this awkward buddy comedy.


A washed-up actor has to reprise his signature role when a serial killer escapes and says he'll only speak to the fictional detective.

'Hot Fuzz'

Simon Pegg's buddy-cop-murder-mystery-possible-cult film wasn't as widely popular as his zombie movie Shaun of the Dead, but don't sleep on it.

'Pee-Wee's Big Holiday'

We all know Pee Wee's Big Adventure is a perfect movie. This film picks up as if no time had passed since then, but gets deeper and weirder while still being charming as all get out.

Comedy can be a tricky thing to recommend, but these movies will have you telling your friends about them right after you finish watching.