11 Prank Texts To Send Your Friends On April Fools’ Day That Are Actually Funny

by Brittany Bennett
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We've all been there, the text prank. It's hard to pick up on poker faces when there is distance and screens between participants. Which makes text pranks easy to pull off. There are some unique April Fools' Day 2018 text message pranks you can try to pull off for friends and family. And they're not all about telling your mom that she's going to be a grandmother. We've been there and it's not really that funny anymore. There are tons of other text pranks to try out!

When a seemingly unbelievable text comes through without a follow up "JK" after the allotted 10 minutes, you start to believe it as truth. "I bought a house" accompanied by a picture of a SOLD sign from your 23-year-old cousin could sound unbelievable. But with the rate at which young millennials are making money thanks to blogging and social media, who really knows these days?! There are tons of ways you could initiate an ~innocent~ texting prank. Because even though it's April Fools' Day, not license to be mean day!

Every first day of April, we're on our toes expecting pranks left and right. So you'll have to get a little more creative and ~realistic~ with your pranks. Take, for example, the parent who was watching TV with their kid. Originally posted by Twitter user Swedish Canary and reposted by Instagram sensation Elliot Tebele the prank explains, "he hears he got a text on his phone that he left in the kitchen so he goes to get his phone and it's a text from me, 'please bring the chips and a diet Pepsi on your way back.'" Take notes, friends.

Send Random Facts

Assume the identity of a text bot. When you're texting with a friend randomly switch it up to facts about the United States Postal Service. It might be frustrating and confusing, but hey, you'll be dropping random knowledge on friends. You'll definitely be prepared for the next trivia night.

Rick Roll

Take the infamous "Rick Roll" to text messages. Where people used to link out to the music video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" you can now randomly drop the video randomly into the text messages with your friends. It'll make for some chuckles.

Only Text In Lyrics

Start a text by using an Adele lyric, namely, "hello from the other side" and then only respond with lyrics. Conversations could take an interesting turn.

Only Send Voice Notes

April Fools' pranks don't have to be about tricking someone. Sometimes you can just be straight up obnoxious. For a conversation or two, let's not run away with it here.

"Are You Sitting Down ..."

And then just don't answer ... keep them on their toes. And after a few painful minutes or hours later, dependent on how far you want to take it, respond with "April Fools' Day" because there's nothing to report here. Nothing, at least, that requires someone to sit down.

"Forget Their Number"

Who is this? Mess with your friends or your family by asking who is texting them and letting them know that they have the wrong number.

Wish Your Friends Luck

There might be nothing in your friend's schedule for the day. Nothing of note, at least. But wake up and wish them the best of luck on their test or big meeting. It might cause their stomach to sink or them to scramble through their calendar so don't let it sit for too long.

Take On A New Identity

When a friend texts you in hopes for a conversation, respond only in the character of someone else entirely.

You Got A New Family Member!

No, not a baby. Send a picture of an excruciatingly cute dog. Your friends and family will either be supportive or respond that you're not ready to take care of another life form. Either way, everyone gets a picture of a puppy.

"Buy" A Very Expensive Household Item

With student loan payments to make, rent to pay and other expenses to take into account — or rather, out of our accounts — splurging on a new refrigerator isn't really in the budget. But on April Fools' Day, making and 'acting' on the lone decision that you and your roommates need a washer and dryer in your apartment could elicit some pretty funny text reactions. Send a picture of "your new [insert appliance here]" and wait for confused responses.

Only Respond With GIFs

No text, just GIFs. Nothing like pranking a friend or family member with a lack of linguistic communication to get them riled up.

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