11 Unique Septum Rings To Get For Your Piercing

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Septum rings are everywhere these days. A ton of celebrities have them, and they're becoming more popular every day. They are a super on-trend piece of jewelry that can look cute and dainty or elaborate and ornate. If you're looking for unique septum rings for your piercing, you have come to the right place. I scoured the internet looking for cool, trendy, and fun pieces for you to show off in your nose.

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Whether you're looking to channel your inner Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, or Jessica Biel, you can find a septum ring that works for your personality. You could go subtle and rock a simple one, or you can go bold and wear one that's colorful, and a little more out there. Depending on your preference, there are open rings and hinged rings. And if you have a stretched septum, there are so many gorgeous options for you. There are ones made from sterling silver or gold, as well as truly trendy pieces that you don't have to break the bank for.

After your piercing (and its initial healing period), you should take some time and experiment with what type of septum jewelry you prefer. There are big statement making jewelry pieces as well as teensy cute ones, and you can totally find a pick that you love — or alternate between a few different styles.

A Jeweled Silver Septum Clicker


16G Swirly Lace Square Red CZ Gem Brass Septum Clicker, $10, Amazon

This super pretty brass ring features a CZ gem stone. It is a 316L stainless steel 16g bar that is covered in a Rhodium brass shell. The septum ring is square and one user said that it's pretty large and covers her philtrum (that spot right above your Cupid's bow), so if you like dramatic jewelry, try this pick. It has a hinge that opens and clicks close. If you're into making a statement, this is a great piece to do so.

A Simple Hoop For Chic Jewelry Lovers

16G 316L Hinged Easy Use Hassle Free Segment Hoop Body Piercing Ring, $12, Amazon

Love simplicity? This might be perfect for you. This chic ring comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 8/8" to 5/16", plus it's available in six different colors. The ring is made with surgical steel and anodized titanium. It's completely hypoallergenic, so it shouldn't cause irritation. The simple ring is hinged, making it easy to use.

An Internally Threaded Circular Barbell

Painful Pleasures

2g Titanium Internally Threaded Circular Barbell (Custom), $82, Painful Pleasures

This titanium, internally threaded circular barbell can be completely customized. You can choose the diameter of the ring, the shaft color, the ball size, and the ball color. The options are beautifully endless!

A Colorful Ring For Glass Lovers

Painful Pleasures

Gorilla Glass Captive Ring, $20, Painful Pleasures

Choose a gauge size and then pick from nine different colors to find your gorgeous new glass jewelry. The Soda Lime Glass septum ring is incredibly smooth and comfortable and it's so easy to keep clean. Insert the ring and then use the dimpled black rubber balls to keep it in place.

A Gorgeous 14KT Yellow Gold Plated Ring

Painful Pleasures

16g Septum Clicker - Jeweled 14kt Yellow Gold Plated Crescent Ring, $60, Painful Pleasures

This fancier septum ring is a great option for a special occasion. It's made with a .925 silver base and then plated with a 14kt yellow gold. The clicker style ring is easy to insert and it's also available in rose gold plating.

An Ornate Rose Gold Septum Ring

Painful Pleasures

16g Septum Clicker - Layered Rose Gold Plated Ring, $40, Painful Pleasures

How pretty is this rose gold plated ring? The easy-to-wear click style septum ring is made from .925 sterling silver.

An Iridescent Abalone Shell Style

Painful Pleasures

16g Abalone Shell Inlaid .925 Sterling Silver Plated Bendable Septum Ring, $15, Painful Pleasures

This seamless bendable ring is easy to put in and remove (but only bend it forward or backwards to avoid breakage). It's made from a .925 Sterling Silver plated brass base, but perhaps the most beautiful part is the iridescent abalone shell on the front.

A Boho Inspired Turquoise Septum Ring


Kingsley Ryan Sterling Silver Turquoise Stone Septum Nose Ring, $19, ASOS

Made with 100 percent sterling silver, this hoop septum ring features a turquoise stone embellishment. Channel your inner bohemian style with the pretty statement piece.

This Cool Simple Septum Ring Set

Urban Outfitters

Simple Septum Ring Set, $14, Urban Outfitters

Sometimes, simple is better — and this set of open-ended septum rings proves that. The rings are made of tin and zinc, so make sure to keep them clean.

A Faux Septum Ring If You're Not Ready To Make The Jump


Kingsley Ryan Multi Circle Faux Septum Nose Ring, $8, ASOS

If you're not quite ready to actually go out and get your septum pierced, you can always test the look out with a faux ring. This one hugs the septum so you can't even tell it's fake. It's made from 100% Sterling Silver so it wont cause irritation.

A Really Pretty Gold Septum Ring With A Subtle Design


Gold Septum Ring, $72, Etsy

This made-to-order handmade septum ring is stunning. It features a really subtle design and makes a statement without trying too hard. It's made from 14K solid gold. It's a good way to soften the otherwise bold look of a septum ring.

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