The Best Septum Piercings From 2015

by Summer Arlexis

Real or fake, celebrity septum piercings are clearly a thing. We’ve seen them on plenty of Hollywood’s hottest, from Jessica Biel to Rihanna to Lady Gaga. Heck, we’ve even noticed unique septum rings popping up more on the noses of we mere, non-celeb mortals. Obviously, the trend has unpacked its bags and is staying for a while.

Considering how versatile septum piercings look on a range of celebs, that stigma of looking too punk or grunge with one is long gone. Polished looks can be achieved with plain and dainty septum rings like the ones favored by Biel and Jordin Sparks. Bold and intricate septum rings like those in Zoe Kravitz’s collection always make for an edgier look. Plus, you can even rock the trend without the commitment by going with a fake septum like RiRi.

Proving themselves as more of a rule, rather than an exception, septum rings have been adorning more A-listers over the past couple of years. Who knows when the trend will lose its momentum? For now, we’ll just let septum rings continue to have their major moment. We couldn’t get enough of these 11 celebs that rocked the best septum piercings in 2015.

1. Willow Smith

No surprises here! If anyone was going to pick up wearing a septum, I would expect it to be Smith. After all, this isn't her first rodeo— she was spotted in May 2014 wearing a presumed fake septum ring. Looks like it isn't a false alarm this time around for the 15-year-old. She's been consistently rocking a barbell septum piercing since late September, indicating she made the trend a permanent part of her avant garde look this year.

2. Rihanna

Bad gal RiRi is no stranger to the septum piercing, having been seen wearing an elaborate fake ring at her brother's album release party in 2014. She made a style statement once again this past October, debuting a septum ring on the cover of T Magazine. The piercing was a stunning addition to the singer's edgy look, complimented with nude lips and brows on fleek. RiRi is definitely giving me life and showing the world how rocking a septum to perfection is done.

3. Ellie Goulding

In her signature head back, nose raised selfie, Ellie Goulding drew attention to a new fashion accessory. Whether the Jessica Biel-esque septum was a clip on or not, we can't say for sure, but we haven't we haven't really seen her nose jewelry again. Nevertheless, Goulding was on trend with the daring piercing and she looked good trying it.

4. Madonna

I want to be surprised by 56-year-old Madonna trying on a septum ring for size, but ultimately I know I shouldn't be stunned. The Queen of Pop took to Instagram to show off her custom jewelry, with speculation that she was inspired by her daughter Lourdes' septum piercing. You know a trend has swept the celeb world when an icon like Madonna has given it some attention. The gold M and pearl accent practically screamed "Bitch, I'm Madonna."

5. Zendaya

Septum ring sightings didn't stop at Madonna. Zendaya joined Rihanna and Willow Smith in having a brief moment with the piercing in 2014 during the American Music Awards. We had no choice but to assume it was a clip-on, as it seemed she put her septum ring wearing days behind her. However, the fashionista tweeted out this selfie to a fan, featuring a septum ring fit for a golden goddess like Z.

6. Zoe Kravitz

There's nothing faux about the septum piercing adorning Zoe Kravitz. She isn't included in the ranks of celebs just now trying out the trend in 2015, considering she has had her facial jewelry for years. But no celebrity septum ring compilation could be complete without her diverse jewelry collection! She has proved time and time again that a septum ring makes the ultimate style statement. Yet, Kravitz still has a way of werking the piercing in a way that says "cool girls only, you wouldn't dare try this at home." Her edgy look is always beautifully intimidating, septum ring in tow of course.

7. Jordin Sparks

Sparks' decision to get a septum piercing was a bit spur of the moment. Not to say that Sparks can't be an edgy badass, but she makes wearing a septum ring look so adorable. She's one of those celebs that has helped propel the trend forward, consistently wearing her ring in 2015. Bonus points to the singer for those constant makeupless selfies that allow us to admire her septum ring.

8. Amber Rose

This isn't the first time, we've seen Muva Rosebud with impressive facial piercings. She has posted some pretty steamy photos on Instagram showing off a bottom lip piercing. This summer she also debuted a septum ring during a fashion show. But that wasn't the only time she slayed the trend, having even been spotted wearing her septum jewelry with a blue buzz cut.

9. Kat Graham

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This The Vampire Diaries star turned heads when she first broke out her septum ring with a shorter 'do. She has since worn her piercing on red carpet events here and there this year, looking as radiant as ever. The star is definitely not afraid to add a little edge to an elegant ensemble.

10. Eva Marcille

One of America's earliest Top Models, Eva Marcille must know a thing or two about what's on trend. I'd say that she does, given the nose bling she rocked into 2015. Marcille has some pretty impeccable taste in jewelry, which can be seen on her Instagram feed, so her septum ring is no exception.

11. FKA Twigs

It would be a crime to exclude FKA Twigs from this list. The British singer is never without her signature decorated gold septum, being well ahead of the trend curve. The piercing definitely enhances her eclectic stye. Snaps to you FKA Twigs for being an early trendsetter for the rest of the celebs jumping onto the bandwagon.

As 2015 comes to a close, we can't say for sure whether the septum piercing celeb trend will last throughout the new year. But my guess is that if not septum rings, there will be some kind of piercing sweeping Hollywood next.

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