11 Ways Being A Reader Is Super Useful For Your Career

We as a society are very inconsistent with how we feel about reading. On the one hand, we love reading! We encourage kids to read! Just not at the table. And not during class. And not if the book has violence or grown up kissing or too many pictures in it. And certainly not if they want to major in English. So it's no wonder that so many dedicated bookworms feel like their hobby is just not useful. We've been told that being able to analyze Hemingway or Austen or Rowling is not a very helpful career move. But actually, being a voracious reader can give you a secret edge, no matter where you work. Here are just a few ways that being a reader is super useful for your career.

It may seem like most "marketable skills" have more to do with coding or business or finance, and less to do with rereading Jane Eyre during a bout of insomnia. But if you're a lifelong reader, you've secretly been building up skills that will help you climb nearly any career ladder. All those years of sneaking comic books and trading romance novels and writing Harry Potter fiction might actually pay off: