11 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly That Aren’t Just Recycling Every Day

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Committing to manage your household's waste by learning how to recycle properly is a great way to start off your journey as a responsible Earthling. But there are tons of ways to be eco-friendly that aren't just recycling that you should look into which go far beyond the day's trash. There are so many small changes that you can implement into your day-to-day life that have a minimal impact on you and a large impact on the planet, over time. And perhaps even more importantly, the changes that you adopt can inspire the people around you, too. Before you know it, you're really helping to save the planet and all you did was make a few adjustments. helpful.

A great way to begin making eco-friendly changes in your life is to start thinking about your lifestyle and the size of your carbon footprint — aka, the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds that are emitted as a result of your driving habits, travel habits eating habits, drinking habits, product usage, and electrical and water usage. You can calculate your personal footprint to start yourself off. Once you see where the bulk of your emissions come from, you can start to think about where to make minor adjustments. Here's a list of super easy ways to become more eco-friendly in your daily life.