11 Facts About Nipple Piercings

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If you're contemplating getting your nip pierced and you're a little apprehensive, you may want to know some weird facts about nipple piercings so you understand more about the procedure ahead of you. Especially because nobody likes to be left in the dark when it comes to body modification.

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to getting your nipples pierced. Of course, if you're a private person, the whole event of actually getting the piercing may be a bit nerve-wracking for you — considering a stranger is going to get an eyeful of your cleavage. Sure, they're professionals, but I'd guess it's not quite the same as visiting your doctor. Plus, having a piece of metal in your nipple may make everyday life a little trickier. Things like getting dressed without snagging yourself or going braless may become an issue. However, in my opinion, nipple piercings look badass and super sexy.

But of course, before you get any work done, you should know what you're getting yourself into. While these piercings may look cool to some, there are definitely some important facts to keep in mind before, during, and after getting some new bling. To find out more, Bustle spoke with TJ Cantwell, a piercer from Studio 28, as well as Starr Ellis of Nine Moons. Here's what they people should know about nipple piercings before getting them done.

1. Nipple Piercing Pain Can Vary

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“Nipple piercings are higher on the pain scale, but the best way for anyone wanting to get the piercings done is to not think about the pain," Cantwell says. With that in mind, it may be a good idea to take a friend with you if you're feeling nervous.

However, Ellis says she has the opposite experience with her clients. "I would actually say nipple piercings are much closer to medium on the pain scale," she explains. "A look at our Yelp reviews will show around a hundred nipple piercing clients saying how minimal pain was."

2. The Piercing Process Is Quick

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“The piercing is done incredibly fast — less than a second for the needle to get through," Cantwell explains. “Deep breath in and deep breath out and it is done.” Perhaps try to channel your inner yogi and swot up on some deep-breathing exercises.

3. Your Period Could Make The Piercing More Painful

"For clients who have menstrual cycles it could be a but more tender just before or during menstruation," says Ellis.

4. Nipple Piercings Can Take Around A Year To Heal

"I recommend our clients come in for initial check ups around four to eight weeks after piercing and again around six months into healing" says Ellis. "During check ups we can assess the healing and potential resizing of jewelry as well as discuss lifestyle issues that can cause slower healing such as sleeping, clothing, exercise, or other factors."

5. The Jewelry May Make Your Nipples Appear Larger — But It's Rare

"Any piercing can cause a little bit of tissue expansion from the fistula — the hole in the skin surrounding the jewelry — being formed, though it is very rare to notice this at all," Ellis details. "Another type of tissue expansion can be from temporary or unstable scar tissue — also rare. This is mostly caused from repeated trauma, touching, squishing the piercing, or placement and jewelry size. Going to a reputable professional, following aftercare instructions, and scheduling check ups are important to avoid the latter!"

6. The Pricing Varies Depending On Where You Go

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Cantwell explains, "Pricing varies from shop to shop but here at Studio 28, we only use high quality implant grade materials for our jewelry, to ensure that our jewelry is hypoallergenic and of the highest quality for our clients."

When it comes to Studio 28, Cantwell says, "Pricing starts at $60 for a single nipple and that includes the basic jewelry with it. We also have many other options that our clients can choose from if they wanted to upgrade to something else."

7. There Are Tons Of Embellishments Available

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"There are so many different options for jewelry but most people tend to like wearing a barbell," says Cantwell. In fact, the world of nipple adornments is your sparkling oyster, as there are plenty of options to suit a variety of tastes.

"They can be as simple as a steel barbell, all the way to solid gold with diamonds and genuine gems. With body jewelry these days, the jewelry is only limited by the client's imagination as we work with companies like Anatometal, Industrial Strength, and Body Gems to make custom gem configurations and sizes for the jewelry," he explains.

8. Nipple Piercings Don't Affect Sensitivity

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"We can let everyone reading this know that a nipple piercing, when properly done and placed, will have no effect on nipple sensitivity," says Cantwell, which is certainly good to know.

9. But The Healing Process Could Affect Your Sex Life

Ellis says that new piercings must be avoided during sex while they're in the healing process. "This may mean some creativity with positions to avoid them," she adds.

10. If You Have An Upcoming Medical Procedure, Avoid Getting Piercings

"If clients knowingly have a medical procedure or imaging in the six months following piercing we would urge them to wait," Ellis suggests. "Once they are healed non-metallic options are available as retainers."

11. You Can Still Breastfeed

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"We get a lot of questions about breast feeding children in the future," Cantwell elaborates, "and a nipple piercing will not interfere with that."

So there you have it, a few weird and wonderful facts you may be interested in, whether you are contemplating pierced nips, or you're already rocking some rad nipple jewelry!

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