11 Weird Tricks People Have Used To Apply Makeup

As if trying to do makeup isn't already intimidating enough, the weirdest beauty tools & tricks floating around the internet make the process seem even more daunting. Piling on the shadows and coloring in a plump pout can be chartering into unfamiliar territory, so the non-traditional makeup applicators available for purchase could easily make anyone freak out.

Gone are the days of using simple brushes and wands to nail a cat eye or smooth foundation. Cosmetic companies and life hackers have come up with some of the most unusual tools to help consumers achieve impeccable makeup. Of course, beauty bloggers aren't far behind, using any and everything to mark up their faces in the oddest ways. There does seem to be some method to the madness though. Despite the novelty of it all, some of the most bizarre beauty products and household tools make for the easiest makeup application.

Social media driven beauty trends do come and go, so there's no telling if the latest bunch of unusual makeup tools and tricks will be around for long. But for better or worse, people have used these 11 unconventional tools to apply their makeup — would you try any of these at home?

1. A Lash "Staple Gun"

Flashes Lash Applicator, $28, Flirt Cosmetics

In theory, the Flirt Cosmetics lash gun sounds painful (it's not). Include it in your beauty arsenal and you just may be surprised, however. This innovative "staple gun" tacks on falsies in an instant.

2. Spoon Cut Crease

No matter how useful it is, taking a spoon to the lid to try out a cut crease makeup look is still pretty off-beat.

3. Silicone Sponge

Silisponge, $10, Molly Cosmetic Shop

Hailed as the future of makeup application, this silicone applicator is about as strange as it gets. Try not to picture it as a chicken cutlet breast insert as you smear it across your face, though.

4. Vibrating Makeup Brush

Sonicblend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush, $79, Amazon

It looks like your average foundation or blush tool, but this Sonicblend makeup brush isn't at all. Vibrating across your face as you it, this automatic makeup brush is like a Clarisonic for your foundation.

5. Condom Covered Sponge

Okay, so this may be the most bizarre trick by far, but many beauty gurus have tested out blending with a condom covered makeup sponge. The results are actually pretty astonishing, but the practice is bizarre nonetheless.

6. Knife Liner

It's hard not to cringe as you think of beauty bloggers creating winged liner with a knife— an actual, sharp kitchen knife! It definitely seems like a disaster just waiting to happen.

7. Glittery Blender

Evie Blender, $19, Evie Blender

Yet another blending sponge that got a ton of hype, the Evie blender is a sparkly cosmic sensation. You have to admit that it's pretty mesmerizing to stare at with its space rock design, even if you are hesitant about using it on your face.

8. Vibrating Makeup Sponge

Color Me Original Applicator in Pink, $54, Color Me Beauty

Maybe the continuous dabbing of a damp blender is too exhausting, because vibrating makeup sponges do exist.

9. Kitchen Fork

If you're going to nail a cut crease with a spoon and perfect winged liner with a knife, you may as well use a fork to contour. Apparently reserving utensils for consuming meals is just too much to ask these days.

10. Finger Blenders

The Pointer Blending Sponges, $12, Sephora

Popping a blending sponge onto your extremities will likely make you feel as though you're finger painting on your face, but these little tools probably do come in handy.

11. Lolllipop Blender

Lollipop Sponge Brush, $2, Amazon

Meshing a beauty sponge and makeup brush all in one, lollipop blenders are actually pretty cute. That doesn't change the fact that they're still oddballs compared to traditional tools.

If the beauty sphere continues on this path, there are probably stranger things to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the weird wonders the beauty world may have in store.

Images: Jack Emory/YouTube; Courtesy of Brands (11)