11 Women Share The Physical Quirk They Love Most About Themselves

by Nia Decaille

Before the body pos movement, those days where you feel ignored or critical seemed like there was little relief. What the body pos movement has done and continues to do is to give you a space to celebrate on those days. It's an oasis of memories, feelings and for lack of a better word, positivity. This is how an Ask Reddit thread became a body pos gold mine full of women celebrating their bodies. Each commenter was asked to share their favorite physical quirk, and the rest is powerful and really uplifting.

It's the same kind of feeling you get when you read about models opening up about their body pos challenges in the industry, or see every day women embracing every mark, line, or scar, or see the confident, viral clapbacks against ignorant comments that help many women — like myself — stand a little straighter in the mirror. And thank goodness!

Social media can be an ugly place, but having a community of women willing to raise their voices and love themselves unapologetically is literally saving the internet ... and humanity! According to a study at Florida State University, this movement and its inclusivity of plus size models is improving women's mental health. So by simply embracing the parts you love about yourself, you create a space where other women can share and feel good about their bodies for a change.

Here are a few favorites that are guaranteed to fill you up with positive affirmations on "those days" and make you think about what you love about yourself:

1. Acknowledge your curves...all of them!

2. Your flaws are your greatest asset. It's OK to love them.

3. Finding the humor in your "flaws" is medicine.

4. You're on the right track. You were born this way!

5. Liberation can happen watching someone else.

6. The process of acceptance is not a destination.

7. It really doesn't matter how others feel about you, it matters how you feel about you .

8. There's calling it a "flaw" or seeing it as a superpower; It's about perspective.

9. Sexy is always up for interpretation. Your interpretation.

10. The more you love about yourself, the more that positivity spreads to the parts you don't.

11. Never underestimate how people will appreciate you. Be the first to appreciate you.

There are plenty other responses and replies that challenge the idea that a woman is supposed to look a certain way. There is something freeing about the idea that all of it — the scars, growths, and shapes — are the way you are supposed to look, societal standards or your old doubts about it be damned.