11 Worst Pieces Of Advice Ever

by Eliza Castile

Some people are great at giving advice — the kind you turn to in a crisis because you know they'll steer you in the right direction. Then there are people who give out the worst pieces of advice ever, and as you've probably guessed from the headline above, that's who I'm here to talk about today. Terrible advice was the subject of an Ask Reddit thread posted on Tuesday, and trust me when I say there are some doozies. Who knew driving instructors could possess so much road rage?

To be fair, giving advice is a tricky business. As much as we all like telling each other what to do, if things go south, the adviser is pretty much guaranteed to wind up blamed for whatever went wrong even if they're not actually responsible. But some advice is so wildly off-base that it's practically sabotage.

This is the kind of guidance you'll find in the comments responding to the Ask Reddit thread. There are grandmothers yanking books out of their children's hands, friends encouraging friends to spend big on a house (right before the market crash), and of course, tons of career advice from retired people.

You can check out the entire thread for yourself over on Reddit, but here are 11 highlights.


Sleep Troubles

This is the most grandmotherly advice possible. Honestly, it's kind of adorably bad.


Go Big Or Go Home

Unless they were psychic, the friend couldn't have known the housing market was about to crash, but that could have ended terribly.


Not A Big Reader

Considering reading broadens your horizons and has been linked to greater levels of empathy, this grandmother's reaction is frankly baffling.


Anyone Who Doesn't Want Kids Will Recognize This

It's a situation familiar to virtually everyone who doesn't want kids. Everyone thinks you'll change your mind eventually, and they try to convince you of this as well.


The Irony Is Painful

Considering you're probably reading this on a computer right now, I'd say this advice didn't work out very well.


Career Advice

The author of the post goes on to explain everything that's wrong with this attitude. "You should not work for free. It is healthy to have boundaries with your boss and coworkers. If you say yes to everything, you will not get ahead because you are too busy getting coffee for everyone and making others happy. Don't be afraid to let your boss know if something is wrong," they wrote. "It really speaks volumes about why my dad never achieved much in his career."


Student Loans

Student loans are serious business, and you can get in huge trouble if you don't pay them back. Duh.


Career Advice: The Sequel

Online applications are pretty much par for the course these days.


Sticking Around Too Long

If you've been with someone a long time, it's natural to feel like breaking up would mean you've "wasted" all those years, but there's no reason to stay in an unhappy relationship.


Road Rage

Maybe the instructor had just watched an action movie and wanted to try a stunt of his own.


Who Needs Logic?

I've been trying to figure out what she meant by this for at least ten minutes, and I still have no possible explanation.