11 Writing Lessons From George R.R. Martin, Because There's A Lot To Learn From 'Game Of Thrones'

Steve Snowden/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We can whine all we want about George R.R. Martin's writing speed, or about how he kills all our faves, or about how he insists on naming every one of his 2,302 characters, but at the end of the day we have to accept one simple truth: dude can write. Martin took a few plot-lines from English history and a few overused fantasy tropes and created an epic that has captivated millions. Whether you're a fan of the TV show or a die-hard book fanatic, Martin's writing has affected you (and probably made you hurl your book at the wall in frustration at least once). Here are a few writing lessons we can learn from George R.R. Martin, no matter what genre you want to write.

The complexity of Martin's work may be intimidating to the writer who's just starting out, but that's a lesson in and of itself: don't limit your own imagination. Don't sell yourself short. Maybe don't tackle a seven book fantasy epic as your first ever writing project, either, but one of the things Martin loves the most about fiction is its lack of limitation. As he puts it, "When I went back to prose, there were suddenly no limits: I could write something huge with all the characters I wanted, with battles, dragons and immense settings. Of course, I thought this will be unfilmable and that I'd never have to worry about Hollywood again. But that's David Benioff's and Dan Weiss' problem now."

Here are a few more writing tips from GRRM himself: