12 Instagram Captions To Use On 11/11, The Luckiest Day Of The Year

kupicoo/E+/Getty Images

It might not be an officially recognized holiday, but it probably feels like one for many people. Monday is 11/11, which has been called the luckiest day of the year because of its significance in numerology and astrology. And when you think about the fact that this year's special day falls on a full moon, you're probably going to want to mull over some 11/11 Instagram captions to perfectly fit the occasion.

As a child, 11:11 might have signified a really magical time, similar to finding a stray eyelash or throwing a coin into a fountain. Or it could've meant an opportunity to scream "11:11!" at the top of your lungs, regardless of whether you were with friends or alone in your room. For adults, 11/11 can be viewed as an opportunity to refocus on your true goals, and to take the time to focus on manifesting the life you really want for yourself. And for others, it could just mean that it's a great time to throw up a post on social media about reaching out to a crush of yours.

No matter how you view 11/11, it's a great opportunity to check in with yourself, and to connect with others. Here are some great Instagram caption ideas for your 11/11 needs:


"Anyone else staring at their watch to hit 11:11 on 11/11?"


"11/11 made me do it"


"It's 11/11 so I'm asking for a raise & a puppy"


"Time to make as many wishes as possible in honor of 11/11"


"Taking today to recenter myself towards my goals, in honor of 11/11"


"That moment when you realize it's the first good Monday all year"


"That feeling when your favorite day of the year comes on your least favorite day of the week"


"Is 11/11 a nationally recognized holiday yet? Asking for a friend"


"Pre-teen me on 11/11: time to think about messaging my crushes & not actually do it! Adult me on 11/11: time to think about messaging my crushes & not actually do it!"


"When everyone says 11/11 is lucky but you're still having a regular day ... "


"It's only us, it's only now, a simple wish, it's only tonight." -All American Rejects


"A full moon on 11/11 is your chance to shoot your biggest shot"