Witches Tell Us 11/11 Is Going To Be The Most Magical Day Of The Year

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Mercury retrograde may be here to mess with our heads, hearts, and cell phones between Oct. 31 and Nov. 20 — but right in the middle of that pesky transit is Nov. 11, aka 11/11. A date that, if you ask a witch, may perhaps be the most magical of the year. The spiritual significance of Nov. 11 is tied into both numerology and astrology, and it marks a particularly powerful opportunity to deepen your spiritual growth, connect with your inner self, and awaken your subconscious to your goals and dreams.

First, let's talk about 11/11's power as a number. In numerology, the number 11 is considered a "master number," of which there are only three: 11, 22, and 33. And the root of all three master numbers? You guessed it: 11. "The number 11 represents instinct, and is the most intuitive of all numbers," explained numerologist Hans Decoz on "It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality."

"1111 is a master number linking us with the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides assigned to us to guide our spiritual and physical lives, helping us to evolve and become masters of our own lives," explains Michael Cardenas, head witch at Olde Ways, who spoke with Bustle about this date. "When we see this number it is a reminder from the universe that we are in spiritual alignment with them and our thoughts, words, and actions are amplified in that moment or in this case the entire day."

Ever heard of the fun lil' superstition that you should make a wish if you catch the time on a clock at exactly 11:11? I've been doing it for years, and while I did so out of pure superstition as a kid, I now keep up the practice today in a much more spiritual sense, as find it to be a powerful way to use the magic of 11's numerology to help me manifest and acknowledge the universe's abundant synchronicities. Bustle spoke with witch and astrologer Renée Watt, who expanded on this. "The concept of making a wish when we see 11:11 on the clock is based off the idea that the universe is listening to your thoughts when this number appears," she explains. "In numerology, the number 11 is commonly referred to as a 'master manifestor' because of its luck and instant karma."


This master number even asserts its power visually through symbolism. "If you look at 11:11 on a clock, it actually looks like a doorway you can walk through," explains psychic medium Nicole (Live the Light) Bowman, advisor on, who also spoke with Bustle. "It's about thinking about your dreams and your goals, putting them into action, and making it happen." 11/11 as a number can remind you of the many doorways of opportunity that surround you, inviting you to take the steps needed to walk through them and build the future that you envision for yourself.

If the power of 11 can vibrate through the time, imagine the power the number can bestow on us once a year, when it also reflects in the date. "Every day has a different energetic vibration. So for example, some days might be better for paying bills than others, some days may be better for love than others, and so forth," Bowman explains to Bustle. "In numerology, the number 1 is about achievement, about focus, about being number 1, about winning and getting it done. And so 11/11, with all of those 1's in succession, shows that the energy of the universe is conspiring to help you achieve. It pretty much amplifies whatever it is you want to do, giving you a turbocharge to get it done."

The power vibrating through the date on Nov. 11 is not to be missed. "11/11 is the most magical day of the year for this witch!" shares astrologer and Tarot reader Caitlin McGarry, who spoke with Bustle. "11 is considered to be a master karmic number that holds a sacred vibration, it can create spiritual awakenings and unlock the divine realms. My guides always present this number to me to push me forward on my path aligning with my destiny to reach a higher wave of consciousness."

Just as a extra sprinkle of magic over this already-special day, Nov. 11 is also Twin Flames day, which celebrates the concept of twin flame energy. Twin flames are essentially like a single soul in two different bodies — and if you encounter your twin flame, it's likely to rock your world. Unlike a soulmate, of which you can have multiple and help you on your path to soul growth, there can only be one twin flame for you - and if you have one, once you meet, you'll find that you're even more powerful together and are able to make a large influence in the world.

What Makes Nov. 11, 2019 Extra Significant?

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"This year’s 11:11 portal truly emits a message to redirect your voice towards discernment and non-attachment to the outcome," shares astrologer Kristy Belich, who spoke with Bustle about the astrology of Nov. 11. 11/11 is always a powerful day, regardless of the year, but this year happens to have some pretty rare and profound astrological transits taking place that make it extra significant. Remember how I mentioned this date would be taking place during 2019's final Mercury retrograde period? Well, Mercury's backspin may not feel fun or special, but the planet of communication and intellect is taking a break from its retrograde antics to do some incredible things on 11/11: Mercury, our solar system's innermost planet, will transit across the sun in a beautiful conjunction. This rare event won't happen again until 2032, so it's certainly significant astrologically.

"The brilliant connection between the Scorpio Sun Conjunct Mercury in retrograde commands a distinct evolution of your internal dialogue. You can stand out of space and time on a previous decision an choose again," explains Belich to Bustle. "This is part of the lesson that embodies the 'Phoenix Rising' aspect within the many layers of the sign of Scorpio."

"The sun conjunct Mercury transit on 11/11 will make this a very communicative day where we will be feeling like expressing all of our thoughts," explains McGarry. "This is a good day to voice your ideas and allow yourself to be loquacious." Mercury is the planet of communication, after all, and when it meets with the self-expressive Sun, we may even just be able to bypass the Mercury retrograde sludge in order to call on higher expression.

Another important astrological event to take note of is the powerful nearly-full moon that will light up the skies on 11/11 — and you'll want to take advantage of the powerful combined energy of this magical date and the heavy lunar energy. "Since November 11th falls the day before a full moon (in Taurus, who is known for it’s connection to material security and the finer things in life), I’d use it as an opportunity to get a jump start on some abundance/career spellcasting and watch some mega rewards come your way," notes Watt.

How To Make The Most Of 11/11


As noted above, the approaching full moon, the magic of the rare Mercury transit, and the numerological mystic power of 11/11 is making this a great day for spell work, manifesting abundance, and inviting the energy you want into your life. "11/11 is a really good day to think and reflect on the life you want to live, about the person that you want to be and the things that you want to achieve," advises Bowman to Bustle. "It's a good day to sit and visualize that life, write your goals down, and draw up business plans." Career energy is really booming with 11/11, so think about your life purpose, your relationship to money, and the various forms of abundance that you're calling in,

Visualization rituals are going to be very helpful. "On this day you can use this energy to visualize something you would like to create in your life," shares McGarry with Bustle. "You can set an intention and begin putting the pieces in place to begin manifesting your wish into material form." I suggest connecting with your goals by creating a vision board, which will represent your goals with images and symbolic text, so that you're seeing it constantly in your home and subconsciously reminding yourself to stay on track. Alternately, you write down your goals in a list as part of a beautiful ritual, and jot down small steps to take every day in order to help you reach them. Work with crystals, candle magic, or whatever other forms of magic you most deeply connect with.