12 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That You’ll Actually Find Fun

by Brittany Bennett
Steffi Loos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Becoming an adult doesn't mean you have to move from the Easter egg hunt playing field to the sidelines. Actually, the hunt can get even more exciting as the years go on thanks to adult Easter egg hunt ideas for 2018. Think bottles of wine tucked in bushes and nail polish freckling backyards. It's a whole new game, guys.

Hosting an adult Easter egg hunt comes with many perks. Namely, brunch. Gather your friends for a Sunday get together revolving around flutes of mimosas. Wear your floppiest or most floral hat and deck yourself in pastel. But make sure you're in your most comfortable heels because you're not going to want to mess around when it comes to ~the hunt~.

While you're on the prowl for your adult treasures, remember to play fair and that it's just a game. I know that when it comes to Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons, the competition can get stiff. We're all friends here and everyone is guaranteed to be a winner.

Who says holiday activities are just for the kids? We may be adults now but you're always going to be a kid at heart. Simple tweaks and upgrades to yesterday's favorite games become today's perfect content for your Instagram stories. Set up that field of adult dreams and get to Easter egg hunting!

Lottery Hunt

A field of lottery tickets and scratch off games is basically a field of dreams. Round up your friends and stock up on lottery tickets. Then hide them all over your living room or backyard and release the hounds!

Manicure Hunt

Who doesn't love a manicure? Fill Easter eggs will bottles of nail polish. Once everyone has collected all their colors, create a spa in your living room and set up a manicure bar.

Booze Hunt

Decorate a backyard with bottles of wine and travel sized spirits and you'll really see the ~spirit~ in all of your besties. While you can drink Rose any time of year, this is one way to kick off the warmer months of Rose season.

Jewelry Hunt

If you loved playing Pretty, Pretty Princess growing up, why not fill Easter eggs with costume jewelry and drape yourselves in excessive "jewels." It could make for one memorable — not to mention, glamorous — group selfie.

Starbucks Hunt

Drinking coffee is part of adult life. We watched our parents brewing a cup or five, and most of us have finally developed not only a taste for it, but a lifestyle around it. Stock up on Starbucks goodies from gift cards to beans and watch as a frenzy unfolds in your backyard.

Adulting Hunt

When you become an adult you find that you suddenly have an affinity for craftsman houses, colorful doors and all of the kitchen supplies. Stocking up on stockpots becomes more fun than collecting baseball cards. With our new interests in mind, filling Easter eggs with coupons to Bed, Bath and Beyond. It doesn't hurt if you throw in mass transportation cards.

Spa Hunt

Eye masks, green tea bags, moisturizing creams... the works. Set up all you need for a classic spa day. It's like a deconstructed spa menu in your backyard.

Candy Hunt

The original never gets old. Just like our hearts.

Truth Or Dare Hunt

Fill Easter eggs with written truth or dare cards, and let the games begin.

Coupon Hunt

What do adults love more than coupons? I'm not sure. Because coupons are actual money-life savers. Bring complete joy to your friends by scattering coupons everywhere.

Positive Affirmation Hunt

Sometimes fortunes are nice. But positive affirmations can be nicer. Fill Easter eggs with general letters of love to your besties and consequentially fill everyone's heart with genuine joy.

Craft Hunt

When you grow up craft stores become the new toy stores. Collect a shopping sprees worth of supplies and hide them around your house or yard. Then, with whatever materials everyone has collected, craft together some ~thing~ for a creative day of crafting.