12 Best Dog Breeds For Studio Apartments

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To large dog breeds, studio apartments might seem more like a dog houses — albeit dog house mansions and therefore probably not a great ~fit~. But for many small, low-activity dog breeds, slim square footage could be a cozy dwelling with enough room to stretch their paws. Dog people living in small spaces can add a pupper to the family. Just make sure it's one of the best dog breeds for studio apartments before squeezing four more legs into a compacted space.

Some dogs don't need an expansive lawn. Some dogs are chill with a plush couch. According to a 2015 Urban Land Institute (ULI) study, "A micro unit might be 300 square feet in New York City or 500 square feet in Dallas. This study learned that no standard definition exists. A micro unit is a somewhat ambiguous term that covers anything from a relatively small studio or one-bedroom apartment to a short-term lease." A studio apartment includes a living area, kitchen and bathroom. There's always space for the dog bowl, bones and a shelf full of treats.

If you're thinking of bringing a precious doggo into your pint sized quarters, you'll want to think about their comfort level. You'll want a breed that won't get cabin fever while you're at your 9-5 and one that's small enough to adapt to the close quarters.


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If you're looking for a dog that will cuddle up on the bed with you and snack alongside you, the easy going pug might be for you. Considered a toy breed, this small pupper doesn't need to run up and down stairs to keep itself entertained. According to CertaPet, "the Pug is perfect for people looking for an easy-going pooch."


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Bulldogs are docile doggos who love to curl up in laps. Because your lap — or near your lap — is their favorite place to be, a large space isn't necessarily required. However, exercise is. Per the American Kennel Club (AKC), "Bulldogs enjoy brisk walks and need regular moderate exercise, along with a careful diet, to stay trim." Hopefully your studio apartment is close to a dog park!

Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise breed is basically bred for city dwelling. They're confident, curious, have a chic hair-do, and are as happy to stroll down the sidewalk as they are perching themselves on the armchair in the corner. They're under a foot tall and so will fit comfortably in a studio apartment.

Yorkshire Terrier

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This pocket-sized pup can literally fit in a pocket. This very small dog is just as compact as your studio space, meaning it's just the right fit. There's enough space for Yorkies to stretch their legs, but it's still important to take a Yorkshire Terrier out on a walk. Per PetMD, "The Yorkie loves to exercise, often playing indoors without much encouragement. It should regularly be taken outside for short leash-led walks, however."


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Energetic barks may not be ideal for apartment complex living. However, a Chihuahua can be trained to keep it quiet. They can be sassy little four-legged friends and are selective with who they show affection to. If you live in a studio alone, this small dog could be the perfect companion. Just make sure to train the Chihuahua from their puppyhood on. Structure will make it easier to have guests over!

Lhasa Apso

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The Lhasa Apso is a small dog who, much like a cat, loves to find the sunny spot on the floor and lay there for as long as the sun is up. They require exercise but are keen on lounging , making them appropriate studio apartment dogs.


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The Havanese weighs in between 7 and 13 pounds, according to the AKC. The breed adapts well to new environments and keeps their wits about them. Their humorous nature means you'll be entertained while their curiosity keeps them entertained. They're not much for barking, making them even more loved throughout your apartment complex.


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This teacup pup is a lightweight small dog that will make any available corner of your dwelling its home. They're active pups but while indoors can stretch their legs by running from wall to wall. But make sure to take them on walks and to socialize at the dog park. While the Maltese doesn't require much room in a studio apartment, it will need to run around.

Shih Tzu

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A true homebody, the Shih Tzu doesn't care for hikes or playing fetch. Used to royalty, your lap is their throne. These affection — and unreasonably cute — pups are happy staying indoors with their dog toys, you and your favorite show on Netflix.

French Bulldog

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This smushy faced friend was bred to be a companion. According to, the French Bulldog scores high on adapting to apartment living. All this doggo really needs is love, attention, a spot on the bed next to you and a few decent walks a day.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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This heartbreaker can identify as "shameless couch potatoes," per the AKC. As excited as they can be about chasing a squirrel, they're equally stoked to lounge. This breed is regal and acts it. Your studio apartment will be their palace.

Chinese Crested

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These gorgeous hairless doggos aren't exactly the outdoors-y type. According to Vet Street the Chinese Crested is "happiest when curled up with his family." The pup is loving, gentle, and prefers a household that won't be rough. A certified lap dog, this dog won't take up much space, making it perfect for studio apartment living.