The 11 Best Dog Breeds For People Who Have Stressful Jobs

by Megan Grant

Have you ever gone to the bathroom at work so you could hyperventilate in peace from all the stress you're under? It might be time to get a dog, so let's talk about the 11 best dog breeds for people who have stressful jobs.

Research from the American Psychological Association found that 45% of Americans lay awake at night from stress, 36% feel nervous or anxious, 35% report irritability or anger, and 34% experience fatigue because of stress. And let's be honest: Work is an enormous cause of stress for many of us. A lot of us don't like our jobs. We work too much. We don't make enough money. We worry about our security and our futures.

While a dog won't solve all your problems with stress, it can certainly help combat the anxiety and worry you're feeling due to your job. For instance, research published in The Veterinary Clinics of North America confirms that owning a pet — or simply being in the presence of an animal — can improve your mental, social, and physiological health status.

And if you go with the right breed, your doggo can seriously improve your job-related stress levels. Here are 11 that you might find to be a good fit.



Aside from having the best hairdo ever, poodles might also work wonders on your stress. According to Animal Planet, poodles are so smart and obedient that they're a popular breed for therapy dogs. Bonus: they're hypoallergenic. No sneezing and sniffles here.


English Bulldog

Who wouldn't want to wake up to that face every morning? If work's getting your last nerve, CertaPet recommends the English bulldog. They describe the breed as calm and even dignified (dignified!), and they happen to be excellent at napping. Same goes for French and American bulldogs. This breed is sure to soothe your work stress.



Can we talk about how fluffy pomeranians are, for a second? Look at all the fluff. Aside from being perfectly squeezable, K9 of Mine says they also make excellent companions, because they want to be by your side 24/7 — not in an annoying way, though. They simply want to make you feel better by giving you constant love, attention, and affection. If work is getting the best of you, this breed might be the way to go.


Yorkshire Terrier

These little ones are nothing but a ball of love, so if your job is pushing you over the edge, Puppy Toob recommends a terrier to soothe your stress and anxiety. They're friendly and grow incredibly close to their owners, making them loyal and affectionate little friends.


German Shepherd

No dog can make you feel calm and safe like a German shepherd can. CheatSheet notes that they're ridiculously smart and easy to train. Plus, they'll be your loyal friend and companion, always most concerned with your own well-being. When stress is eating away at you, your German shepherd will do whatever it takes to ease your mind.



Schnauzers are so good for stress that Mellowed recommends them as service dogs. They're friendly, obedient, smart, quick to pick up commands, and they know just what to do to lift your mood when the stress is getting to be too much.


Bichon Frise

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Rhetorical question, obvi. K9 of Mine says bichon frises are one of the friendliest breeds in the world, but there's no one they love more than their parent. They do need a bit of grooming but don't shed very much, which is always nice. And besides, you won't mind giving their hairdo a little extra love when you see what they can do for your stress levels.



Is stress plaguing you? Puppy Toob recommends you get yourself a hot dog! They have an excellent sense of humor (this dachshund owner right here can confirm), they're smart, loyal, and they love giving you affection. Also, they have the cutest, most floppy ears ever.



Wouldn't you love to have a little squishy pug waddling around your home? Animal Planet says that while they have plenty of energy, they're also loving, devoted, and total people-pleasers. If they notice that you're feeling overwhelmed by stress, they'll immediately do whatever they can to help you feel calmer.


Basset Hound

I'm thinking you're going to feel a million times better once you're able to play with a basset hound's silly, floppy ears. CertaPet says these pups can get along with anyone, anywhere, they're super calm, and they love people to the moon and back. Your work stress doesn't stand a chance.


Cocker Spaniel

What makes this breed so special, says CheatSheet, is how patient and loving they are. When the stress is mounting and you need a friend who will quietly sit with you until you start to feel better, a cocker spaniel is the breed you need.