12 Bizarre Boy Band Lyrics You Absolutely Can't Read With A Straight Face


Back in the hazy, lazy, crazy days of boy band fandom, very few us were actually paying attention to all of the weirdest boy bands lyrics being crooned into our ears. In fact, most of them went right over our heads. That's because the sort of true love that a young woman has for her favorite boy bands completely destroys her ability to think rationally about them. That means we were too busy praising them and fighting over which band was the superior band to realize that these boy band lyrics were weird, wild, or just downright confusing — and sometimes all of the above.

As kids though, we were all too busy appreciating how good Nick Lachey looked in the rain or trying to imitate Justin Timberlake's best dance moves to ever give a damn whether their lyrics made sense. And, to be honest, that's exactly how the world should be. These lyrics are weird, for sure, but that weirdness doesn't actually detract from how vital these boy bands were to our childhoods.

Besides, our childhoods were often weird, wild, and downright confusing, if not all of the above. So some of these lyrics are pretty on point in expressing that, even, and sometimes especially, when the weirdness levels of some these were well and truly off the charts...