Netflix Has You Covered With These Canceled Shows


It always hurts to bury a show before its time, but sometimes ratings overpower brilliance... or at least good, trashy entertainment. Yes, we all have a few beloved canceled shows that never got a fair shot in this cruel, cruel world. However, there are enough streaming services out there that can breathe life into a dead show, if not literally with a revival or extra season, then by keeping the memories alive by adding it on instant. That's why we're grateful for all the canceled shows available on Netflix right now. At least, I am.

But stress on "canceled." Naturally, there all kinds of ways a TV series can die. There are shows that left the air perhaps prematurely, shows were past their prime by Season 3 but lingered until several main characters had jumped ship in Season 8. There are even shows that get resurrected and rebranded with a whole new cast to keep a franchise living forever (here's looking at you, Degrassi). But when a show is canceled, even if it's after a respectable amount of seasons with a reasonable-ish ending, it stings. It seriously stings.

So, if you want to return to one of your guilty pleasure, gone-too-soon shows, this is what you can find on Netflix right now.

'Freaks And Geeks'

A one season wonder chock full of every Judd Apatow power-player that matters.

'Arrested Development'

Now with the addition of the Netflix bonus season (if you dare to tamper with the integrity of the original).

'Don't Trust The B— In Apartment 23'

Krysten Ritter as Chloe is basically Holly Golightly-meets-Satan, and it's a damn shame we only get two seasons to party with her and James Van Der Beek.

'The Carrie Diaries'

Maybe I'm gross, but the Sex and the City prequel was kind of cute in a tacky way. Baby Samantha Jones in Season 2 is spot on.

'Lipstick Jungle'

Also great if you plowed through The Carrie Diaries, and you want a more mature faux-Sex and the City fix.

'Ghost Whisperer'

This actually got canceled five seasons deep, so it's good if you want to go on a long spiritual journey with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

'Girl Meets World'

The Disney Channel just pulled the plug on this surprisingly progressive show, but, if you need something for your inner child, here it is.

'The Mysteries of Laura'

This is great if you need a quick break from balancing too much.

'The Secret Life Of An American Teenager'

This also got a substantial run if you feel like buying into the adventures of young mom Shailene Woodley (or more daunting, older mom Molly Ringwald).

'Garfunkel & Oates'

Eight episodes of hilarity with your favorite off-kilter comedy music group.

'Twin Peaks'

Because it may have been 25 years (or at least felt like it) since you watched the original, and you you need to be primed for that Showtime reboot.

'Emily Owens, M.D.'

If you feel short-changed on slightly geeky-but-lovable Emily's medical mishaps, you can definitely tune in here.

See? These shows might have been canceled, but their legacies will live on thanks to Netflix streaming.