12 Clever Care Packages For College Students

Oh, college: A magical time when you're always broke, busy, and constantly balancing your time hitting the library while making it out four times in a week. But there are some clever care packages for college students that can help this chaotic time feel less overwhelming. If you know a friend who could use some extra love right now, send them one of these clever college care packages that will make their day.

Trust me when I say this, college students love getting mail. As someone who felt a little homesick and lonely every now and then, getting a custom care package from Mom and Dad was always a treat. Mine were always stocked with extra school supplies, medicine, and snacks, which helped me prevent many last-minute shopping trips when my supply went low. Plus, it was nice feeling knowing my parents cared. (Cheesy, I know.)

Whether you're the student who's hinting out something to your family or want to treat your friend who is away, these college care package ideas will help out any stressed out student. In each one, you'll find items that are actually useful, such as a freshman survival kit with toiletries and basic dorm essentials, a 'get well soon' package stocked with meds, and other bundles to help them get though exams, classes, and the other ups and downs of college life.


For The College Freshman

Beyond Bookmarks The Freshman Survival Kit, $60, Amazon

Welcome your friend to some of the best four (or more) years of their life with this survival kit specifically designed for them. This freshman survival kit features basic dorm essentials, such as a dry-erase board, school supplies, and other toiletries that they may have forgotten to pack. Plus, there's some extra coffee to get them through days of studying and nights of partying.


For The Friend Who Can Never Make It To Breakfast

Life is More Student Breakfast Care Package, $35, Amazon

On days when you want to roll out of bed 10 minutes before class (read: every day) or when you want to sleep in, this breakfast care package comes in handy. You never have to leave your dorm room, thanks to this selection of cereals, oatmeal, Pop-Tarts, and coffee. So go ahead, hit that snooze button.


For The College Student Who Needs Some R&R

Snacks and Spa Care Package, $48, Amazon

Because every college student needs to take a break from all the endless studying and partying. This care package offers all the essentials you need to give yourself a spa night, including assorted treats, a pedicure and manicure set, and a Soap & Glory body butter and shower gel. Now taking a shower in a shared bathroom will feel a little more pleasant.


For The Birthday Celebrator

Happy Birthday Campus Survival Kit, $35, Amazon

If you can't make it to celebrate your BFF's birthday, send them this festive care package instead. Help your friend celebrate from afar with party poppers, confetti, assorted candies, balloons, and a mug cake. You may not be physically there to participate in festivities, but you'll definitely be there in spirit.


For Emergency Snacking

Hangry Kit Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler, $25, Amazon

In college, free snacks are always appreciated, especially on days when grocery shopping is out of the question. This kit is expected to be opened when hanger strikes — think: during midterms, seemingly impossible term papers, or college finals. Featuring a wide variety of sweet and salty snacks from Goldfish to Laffy Taffy, this care package will satisfy every craving at any time.


For The Student Who Can't Get Enough Coffee

Classic Starbucks Care Package for College Students, $60, Amazon

Help your college-bound friend get through all-nighters with this exquisite Starbucks care package. Featuring gourmet snacks, coffee blends, and two mugs, you will be doing a friend a huge favor by helping them get that last burst of energy right when it counts.


The Ultimate College Survival Kit

Kit Happens College Survival Kit, $52, Amazon

This college survival kit makes a great care package at any point during the semester, whether your friend is just moving in or is approaching finals week. It features toiletries like deodorant, hand sanitizer, and toothpaste, which will keep necessary items in stock — plus: snacks, pens, and other helpful essentials that you may have forgotten to pack.


For Your Friend With The Flu

Get Well Sooner College Care Package, $50, Amazon

There's nothing worse than being sick in college and not having the proper ailments in stock. This get well soon care package features everything you would need for a speedy recovery like teas, vitamin C, chicken soup, and even a book of word puzzles when Law and Order re-runs get boring.


For The Avid Gym Goer In Your Life

Life is More Workout Care Package, $36, Amazon

Got a friend who takes their workouts very seriously? Well, those energy bars don't come cheap, so help them spare some cash with this genius Life is More Workout care package. This box features assorted protein bars, power gels, and healthy snacks, so they can refuel their body properly and achieve workout goals faster.


For The Nutritious Snacker

Snack Peak Non GMOs and Organic Care Package, $20, Amazon

Let's face it: On-campus food isn't the most nutritious option out there. This Snack Peak package features an assortment of organic and non-GMO snacks including veggie straws, fig bars, and Annie's bunny grahams.


For When Finals Week Strikes

The Stuff Box Student Exam Survival Kit, $40, Amazon

When Finals Week rolls around, who has time to do anything other than cramming study sessions at the library? This exam survival kit offers all the basic essentials you need to get through the long week including quick-made meals, extra pens, and a stress ball for when you feel like you can't do it anymore. Not to mention, your study friends will love you for always providing the snacks!


For The Busy College Student

Meals on the Run Campus Survival Kit, $42, Amazon

Maybe you're constantly running around and barely have time for a meal, or maybe it's way too cold to trek to the dining hall. Whatever the case may be, this campus survival kit features tons of quick meals to choose from mac and cheese, Rice-a-Roni, and those classic ramen noodles. Plus, it also comes with a dining set and water bottle.

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